Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Land of the Thieves, Home of the Slaves

To our beloved homeland,
two nations, two colors, under fraud
easily divisible, with media misery, 
and justice for few
Welcome to the land of the thieves, the home of the slaves,
where you are a criminal for keeping what you earn,
you are a criminal for speaking what you feel,
you commit crimes, if you, like castro,
refuse to tow our line
Welcome to the land of the blind, and the home of the graves,
where pretty faces litter shiny vision boxes like bloody graffitti
bloody thieves with red hands and full pockets, yours empty
they claim “god sent me”,
while your bread is stolen, accept it serf
Welcome to the land where others bleed, for our homes, depraved
Your domecile sitting atop skull dust and dried marrow,
no more pleasantries for the natives,
And what you own, is not really yours
and you are no one,
deserve no status,
if your afflattus reads: Ive tried, ive cried, ive strived, ive plied, ive belied, and i am nothing, but really poor
Welcome to the home of the moral diseased, singing the chorus of thieves, through loud speakers, to proud tweakers,
believing those with skin brown, are weaker,
while your commerciallay stained dreams are bleaker,
Welcome to the land of the imprisoned, and the home of the gracious,
you praise the lord in buildings, but turn your back on the salacious,
homeless heroes are dead, except to the cement and mice,
all because you spit on him, when he returned, forever spurned,
you’ll never learn, forever cemented to fiat vice
I don’t see freedom in bondage,
i don’t see treaties still true,
except that when you make colossal mistakes, you see it through
That is ultra-blindness, like a farmer left swineless
and the criminals that bond you remain falsley sheltered and spineless

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