Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Chemical Poetry

Missed Connections 2

Missed Connections 2, a second chance at,
ignoring my plight

Again, 11 PM, alone in the den,
atone by hitting send,
if found by the wrong one,
I would be stoned, broken bones,
me begging strangers for comfort,
never condoned

Yet, I sit in disquiet,
my right atrium torn by riots,
hypertrophy in the ventricle
me begging strangers for comfort,
sadness, does it belie it?

Again, the MC W4M lacks a message directed toward me,
No one missed a connection, and what can be connected,
to an electrical panel, blackened from fire, desires miswired
my guile retired,
me begging strangers for comfort,
tasting ire

I seek passion, whether everlasting,
simply a kiss and a short breath in passing,
or a life journey, en masse, and amassing
me begging strangers for comfort,
the dialect of trespassing, vaulting into my chest,
annointed assault, treasure I’m grasping

Again, my words ignored,
the scoreboard, torn, ripped to shreds,
down to the core,
scorned, forlorn,
thorns, worn from stabbing,
adorned in a habitat void of humanity
born into barren lands,
scarred and scared of hands,
reality jarred, no one is proud of my plans
me, begging strangers for comfort,
screaming aloud at vacant sand


Extinction Level Prevent

The bomb dropped one year ago,
devastating our landscape,
choking life under a quilt of filthy dust

Your world was forever destroyed,
the day that bomb wiped away your safety net,
shattered your shield
sent your fears to greet a naked, barren reality

Though I took it in stride, I was built for this
I always faltered, hung behind the crowd,
believing they were inches from terror
feeling in my heart,
death of hope was near

Being broken inside, and watching the outside break,
brings you home,
as that day I sat on the curb, in the rain
preparing for a journey of thousands of miles,
completely lost
driving home as the sky wept

Seeing the world die is seeing the living
become acquainted with an abandoned house,
weather-worn and splintered

You wept when everyone lost everything,
while photons fail to escape,
the gravitational pull of this void
inside me,
a crater of stoicism



Multitudes of fears and tears,
ripping holes in their fabric
sloughing away weak exteriors

A farmer burns a field of wheat,
to clear undergrowth,
and make space for new life

In this same way, the engine which drove us for so long,
has been discarded
and while you may not own the new engine, propelling you forward,
you collectively own the soil,
may we all share in its spoils


I wander CraigsList, the missed connections section, W4M
aware that no one is looking for me

Though tonight, I really felt like,
this was the exception to the rule of loneliness

It occurred two days ago at approximately 11:46 AM

I was sitting at a table with coworkers,
you strolled into the establishment at some point, I didn’t notice initially
But I caught your glimpse, and you did what all others do not,
your gaze unaverted

I was sitting, immersed in conversation,
until I saw your piercing eyes
and I realized that, for once, I felt confident before your eyes fell upon me
my hat the defining factor instilling pride and surety

As we shared a moment in history, I realized there was a TV above me,
and, perhaps, I had mistaken the acute angle of your vision

Whether or not I caught your eye, the result the same:
Me alone, staring into this screen,
screaming about potential missed connections, having squandered our opportunity to connect,
hail marying one last transmission into space
that will never be viewed

Elegant Neglect

Enjoying the transitory nature of calm
Knowing this halts in short order

I play ‘Are U awake’ by Natalie on repeat,
the sheer beauty spoken in velvety, soft tones,
massaging cochlear coves

Yet only a fool sees simple beauty in her voice,
or the calming, gloomy piano floating beneath her
its true beauty lies in language

The utter naked act she has performed, bearing her soul and
baring her thoughts,
an illicit act set in the context of a social mediated world
choked with false facades, visibly hiding themselves,
covert, manifest falsity

While digital avatars project their delusion,
Someone who left Natalie, had an entire track
dedicated to their existence

If he is real, it is absolute certitude he never heard

Precisely how she doesn’t hear me
Precisely illustrating my blurred outline

Pure folly that the one person who should know,
actively avoids engaging
which is smart
unadulterated truth would break her
shatter her weak exterior, reacting under unfathomable compression,
crumbling into atoms of star-dust
exposing her destroyed core

In some ways, it should be so
I should be ignored, my musings left here to rot

My pollution, illegally dumped into an electronic edifice,
forever neglected,
eternally avoidant,
supremely silent

Comical Realization

Walking down our stairs alone again
was preparing my medicine in the dark
when the comedic realization struck

I was marinating in a soup of salt and hatred,
before I set out to prepare my salve

And then, walking down our stairs alone,
I almost tripped on an errant item,
littering the floor

The item was strong, with soft, rounded edges,
yet, mixed in equal distribution with complicated angles
and sharpness

Walking down those stairs, I saw the back of your head,
staring vacantly into your dumb cellular communication device,
probably browsing the vain mind pollution strangers spew

The comedic realization washed over my body like a hundred year high tide that,
even giants could surf

The laughable cognizance, an unknowable spark, pouring from the fabric of the universe

I learned in that singular moment, walking down our stairs alone, in an arena of silence we both helped build,
that I have what you have not

While you sit alone, clinging to fantasy,
I reside in MY zone, firmly grasping strands of a rope,
I spent a decade weaving

While you sit alone, I too sit, but not alone
I am surrounded by my creations,
I am enveloped by the realization of my many abilities
I am showered in the light of what my small hands have created

While I walked down our stairs, I was never truly alone
I enjoy the limitless expanse within the depths of my synapses
I feed on my energy and expel wonderment
I consume star dust and explode, ripping the fragile fabric of space
and repairing it with ease

With nothing but my years of experience, and the genetics my ancestors lent,
I have built a multitude of profitable industries, endlessly manufacturing that which could never be, created by another

My creativity is my refuge, my art is my soul
Breathing new meaning into dreary proceeding

While you sit, alone
without your mind to keep you company,
and soon,
drinking my evaporation

Insanity Looped Infinite

Insanity, looped infinitely,
by a machine too weak to mar its maker

Careful crafting,
bashful dashing,
harassment surpassing,

Her math was a complex calculation of graphs,
logrithms, variables and even pi,
laid upon the table for deliberation

Her method of attack was decidedly weak,
against an opponent who knew her plans

And her war goals are confused and confounded
by my acumen

My troops stroll across the battlefield draped in metal and acrid zeal

My troops roll the dice, rattling the cages of fragile rage
You are too weak to face the agile mage

Your skeleton is frangible, your consistency flawed,
your inner-human is ill-developed for

Your jaw was not built to withstand, assault from reason
A weakness runs throughout the thousand yards of your genetic material,
Failure was not assured, but you tried so hard to accomplish it

The lost lessons of frost
Accosted by daily attacks,
Harassed, on the fringes and in the epicenter of existence

This loss, you fought so ardently for
your excellently manicured keratin, scraped and stammered,
thrust deeply into the cutaneous surface of my chest
Expecting, victory

You wanted this
You yearned for the moment where I discovered: You weren’t everything

Perhaps no one can ever comprehend,
why such a callous soul would afford, contentment upon another

Or maybe this was always your sick plan,
temporary respite from fighting,
a ceasefire with mal intent

Whether you wished this or not,
your actions yield your future

Without, me