Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Dust of the Past

No more pressure from the reich,
used up and tired, no more defiant,
soldiers that relied on heavy metal, now are spurned
Rubber rolls and fights the pavement, angrily
axles axles pretending to be planets,
in orbit beneath the sky
Useless, faithless, and stubborn travellers now are spited,
daily, by my hand
I am walked on no longer,
I got a divorce from your vain lifestyle like darva conger
 a new devil this metal has spawned
How does it taste?
Inhale mandatory monoxide,
in a fight against a tiger, the fox died,
and now passing by your helpless chicken-pox pride
Watch my pipes, as the needle jumps violent,
driving away from your bitch ass, to bask in my silence 

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