Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Preponderance of mammals

In Sea, and on land

Man searches

For love

His list of favorites beckons,

But keeps being overtaken,

By one

Accountant with the gemstone green eyes 

And a smile so sultry,

It plunges you into gravitational freefall

Man keeps coming back to you,

Seeing something in that soft smirk,

Seeing something in those piercing eyes

There is even, the possibility of flaw,

An unclear image of her upper mandible,

Potentially spoiling her perfect smile

And even that cannot deter 

His gaze 

Man searches the preponderance of mammals, 

And keeps finding your face

A warm hug 

every time,

The eyes pierce mine

Aural assaults have worn his landscape,

And broken his resolve

Inequitable treatment has destroyed his chastity,

And dissolved his control 

Sharp words have cut him, happiness leaking from his aorta

His logic is clouded by malice, his strength is all that remains

A strength made weak, by her lime soul-windows 

A hunger, roaring thunderous under his ribs

A craving he cannot forever contain,

Under these circumstances: 

A captain sails her ship toward an iceburg,

Inching ever closer to complete hull failure 

Too ignorant of her course,

To see the damage she is constructing

Sending a man three hours south,

For a chance at warmth,

and satiety 


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