Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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When she finally decides to throw me against a putrid gutter
I will have reaped what has been coming for years
Never did I feel that it belonged, two different puzzle pieces,
one, with razor sharp edges, which intersected and interjected the other, round and dull

My point of view barely extends beyond this second,
infinitely immersed in the only present visible
and all I can see is myself
cowering in a dark corner, where light cannot shower its contempt

I dive into a pool of my own thoughts, as always
remembering this was meant to be
I never deserved half an hour, much less a year
and now my faith dangles from the edge
and now my hatred spills across the floor into its own pool
forming my being

Soon, possibly sooner, I will finally reach that point,
where I always belonged, how it was always supposed to happen
sitting, again, alone, raped by my own self-composed silence
saturation in tacit lonliness
vapid voids which escape this
screaming defiance of truth

How much longer will this decrepit charade remain,
ignoring her heart and soul,
trying to exterminate my own in the process
leaving us both shattered

then, will I know true pain

War Haiku #4011

Shrapnel tears his skin
Crushing cutaneous shells
tears raining back home

War Haiku #255
Appendages break
Plasma splashes on pavement
freedom forsaken

War Haiku#945
Desert sands grip hands
and rip technology’s greed
right from underneath

As Love Dies

No where,
can I find so much comfort, as in the fantasy of love
No tyrannical force can crush that which burrows itself underneath outer consciousness
Yet, one who claims your affection,
can, in one moment, enact dejection
Falling for her lies, so blind like I suffer from cataracts
Air flows past my face, as I drown in its’ sorrow
An heir to flame, that shall burn all I have borrowed

I wonder whether I have forsaken my own fate,
And if her attitude will carry over into tommorow
Not fearful of losing her, cuz she’s already gone
like the light in which she used to be viewed
putting up with her bullshit as nothing but a petty pawn

Just wait till I ride along another road
You can go try and make a prince of a toad
Almost begging my hate as you goad

Our relationship flickering into ten thousand glittery sparkles
A testament to what we had, the property of puzzle pieces
Never fitting together as they once did

Dangerous Humanitarian Assumptions

Let us never make such a grave mistake, as one of pure ignorance
and depending on foundations built of mendacity: Having a high degree of confidence in the belief that we are anything above beasts
Let us never forget our genetic roots, trillions of biochemical strands in a cosmic swirl of destiny intertwined within pure anarchy
each strand, stratifying all cerebal function, supporting such frail and futile institutions, to the gravest of insanity;
An almost relentless devotion to self-preservation, except when relinquishing our control into weapons of great fire and destruction
submitting to a notion that our races’ survival is consequently dependent upon further malicious institution of these massively heinous bludgeons
Feeding kool-aid to masses that our savior lies within our tools of ultimate demise
How absurd an idea with such forceful preponderance,
kilotons of fissile material brewing beneath a mile of granite stone
Undulating throughout several thousand centrifuges
Awaiting sirens for activation
Silent screams of a tacit nation

Intangible Sensibility

The goddess of Platinum hides behind curtains
masking her desires from the court
enclosing her heart from all that watch, encasing it within her halls of plywood

Although underneath her cutaneous layers, there lies a soul that thirsts for more
a voice that begs for passion
try as she might to diminish its volume

Her feelings not soluble in lakes of savages
still she holds to the vial, walking every mile
waiting for her knight to come for the ravaging

It is so much my style, waiting for her rescue,
debating whether late-night restricted phone calls are her begging
to be saved, or to deprave another

It might have been wasted, to drink from rivers
passion stemming from the flow like the hoover dam
if i could just move her hand,damn
wishing I could go back to when it rained
transacting my will to go on for a will from the past
at times i don’t know who’s out classed out
seeing pictures clearly because I never drink enough to pass out
and still feeling is brash
her image seared in my brain, her whisper to abstain

faint mystery
tainted clause
maybe someone just knows more of her sainted flaws
and i would even put up blatant calls

Her hair still shining in the spring
silently opining, trying to decipher what shes designing
running through mental waves dominating waiting for the temple slave
no whining, but why would I fail at realization
sometimes people are pushed to the point of zeal and I’m rationed

No longer can I congeal in such fashion
using passion as a tart crutch, but she knows i can fashion a rolled finely like i was 3 parts dutch

one gaze from her takes away
drawbacks of gravity chaining all as slaves,
she grants inertia to passive knaves
and her class would amaze

orbitals remain wide
even if she wants to break pride
or lake glide

she could entice
anyone to train ride…

I saw Her

I saw, her

devour environments

with simplicity

I watched from afar as,

sky crashed to Earth

her breath destroyed

every civil notion


I became then, a witness to

one universal truth, singularly

potent, staunch

releasing all deep-seated loyalty

in one fell, crushing explosion

Gliding along the sidewalk of eternity

leaving a path of salivating servitors,

all wishing to garnish her fatal favor

One and the Same

Her recent attempt at resolve brought contempt upon one mass of carbon

standing in dark hallways with angered eyes and a foul mouth

performing her beautiful, much rehearsed theatrical presentation

firing vitriole into the heavens

still struggling under the weight of her spurned hatred

only civil option is ingesting feeling like polluted chemical sandwiches, just waiting to boil in acid

hoping it will digest once more and pass, rather than stagnate, soil, and simmer


still the pain forms nails shooting through my epidermal layers

each, sharp word forming a single, elongated and distempered construction accessory

all for the destitution of some perverted notion of loyalty

while you’re just an accessory to assault on my cardiac rhythm

once again you coagulate my only pleasure

and rise in my chest a bellowing beast that thirsts for blood, retribution

or just one chance

to escape your vile mouth

.0157734%- Dead End Agendas

they always vilified my thought trains,
and how i push back against thoughts of innocence slain
not claiming my heart is pure in the least,
but cogent enough to reject distraught bane
my numbers, undeniably present
as the fluid of free thought, reconstitution
pours over a vapid waste land society
some dead enders still clinging to impossibility
They say “never argue with a fool, people won’t know the difference”
and if your fascist fingernails could grasp the obvious
you wouldn’t be screaming at cracks in the wall
you wouldn’t be preening for Iraq to fall,
and you would heed the most mercifuls’ distracting call
a 9 trillion dollar chasm awaiting gravity’s undying ethical lust
to befall ignorance in one thunderous destructive thrust
whetting the thirst of those we can never trust
history need not be scribed when proof breathes in present
no longer shall we thieve from peasants
a liberal pontificating estimation of 0.0157734% of the worlds population wants status quo capitulation, the only pharmaceutical prescription is bitter capsules of endless conflict, and ultimate treason toward the republic
jury is no longer sequestered
attorneys no longer spitting useless conjecture
please heed calls from majoritys’ populist lecture

Frangible Societal Construction

Like the San Andreas Fault line,

dividing crusts across a million acres of acrid dust

society’s construction has been faulted,

the foundation splintered and savaged

becoming a burgeoning canyon, wealth wounds open for nats to attack,

mosquito’s to inject malaise into hosts bloodstream,

poison of power, poignant and sour

watching the rivers flow downward,

while the suits scream trend

bulls stratify markets in vain

wearing white collars, but stained

with blood

economy shedding alligator tears of dollars

dripping down the drain, irretrievable and distant

chief remaining flippant throughout this deathly course

galloping towards burned villages atop his deathly horse

listen for trumpets song, as bones and stones roll

civility trampled under such mass

basement boards breaking

beneath the 9 trillion pound ape in the corner

Sapien Savagery

Our stance above all in the food chain is laughable

What irreparable damage it will do to society

when farms can’t even be grown

barren desert submitting to night’s glow

top of the food chain starving for soil, hungry for something to combat malnutrition


forced blocs for destitution

radio waves inebriating their souls

minds weakened by exerted power

green trains that snap to duty, following one rail to one station

and the dogs still roam, cats claw with laughter

catching what the starving are after

rotting mice stowed in the attic

stripped bones in a closet, locked from its starting point

watch 96% percent primate brothers cheer for victory

overlords know they walk to their deaths

life causing too much stress coping with all free

what if nothing is what we all need

comforts of palaces

water shields and phone lines

commodities in hidden chalices

Every day proves we are more gatherers than hunters

but failing even that archaic description

still capitulating to times incessant march

stomachs hatred of hunger, its hatred of poison

rejecting the enemy spawned from

gods earth

born in a devils fire

too naive to fend off urges, thirst for knowledge not whetted by fruits from trees

or now fruits of labor

rampant buy schemes plague psyches

who sold us these ideals

Total Indescriptive Sanity

On a hill, I stand vanguard, awaiting prairie fields to burn
Many times, the prairie dogs that roam, come full circle to live again,
whispering to me, their secrets
Fueling the flames is claimed 
against wills of enemies, turning hatred outward
away from where the systemic violence was birthed,
bloody and screaming
a crimson sky will send your mind below soil
where heavy elements are held
placing you precisely where the forlorn dwell
in their own realities
I sit atop hills, still
fullwell knowing where one road converges,
encroaching upon the skin of another
trying to snuff out dead enders, holding true fortitude
keeping within myself threads of guilt and restraint
chaining anger to floors of dirt
like tepid prisoners weak from mandatory starvation
a hunger for the absent tangibility truth relays
anyone can manufacture their face
rip off a destitute nasal structure just for spite
and remanufacture anew
but breath that comes from the new probiscis is tainted,
just like facades
sacreligious, murderous rage-composed particles spill into airways and airwaves
grinding to halts, verity searched for,
destroying words and wisdom of exalted saviors
sailors without sails for direction,
and skins for vice
No longer do tales float past without interception,
vast dirilection of duty
an industry left in shards
all for glory of what?
eradication of reaction from militarily and maliciously instituted trepidation
instinctual removal of convoluted adversarial analogues,
whether supplied by flags or sand
and its red all over
I sit alone in discomfort of solitude
while praying that “lies” are truth
and “truth” are lies

Misunderstanding Lessons

Sitting alone in a room full of deep freeze
My perspective was destroyed, following the suit of normality
Every time my brain is left to wander,
take me to where there is love, yonder
I attempt to avoid, but that path was laid in the past,
arguing about whether happiness’s hair is blonder
Questions always arise, gravity-enslaved balloons fighting, struggling to just fly
Who is the one who will bring my happiness, and forestall my demise
It would be disingenuous to believe, attempt to convince myself that,
love will form the grace of boomerangs
because it isn’t always a world of reciprocation
Laws of nature dictate total anarchical chaos
complete and utter discontinuation of continuity and order
Contraindications exist within us all,
and that which contradicts beauty, is beauty
Mutiso the Poet is correct;
“where imperfection is perfection”
That is nature, exactly
That is the only truth, so many fear to favor
Look to where dirt stains the sheets
Search for the used in markets
Those, that are broken,
are the only ones still whole
they are the ones, who remain with their souls
they face guns in battles,
debase shuns, for, we are chattel
We, unsightly and blind
Crying, begging, screaming and kicking to consume,
yearning to prove how much better you are
When labels are for fools,
Fable’s, fuel
not playing by the sabers rules
I know this is truth, because I live it
Devoid, and destroyed
trying to trick myself into happiness
all the while, knowing
I am more broken than those you deceptively demur

Flirtation with Danger

Unconscious, I still possess more stamina, charisma
animation, sleep walking, you are to alpha anathema
to me, just a victim trapped in a self-esteem bricked prison
and lashing out for getting one millimeter of criticism
the prism is clear, my catechism you fear
fuck your jeers, falsetto spawns, failure to ruminate, or right your wrongs
your pathetic prevarications fall short of intend goals
putrid, dilapitated, futile fighting words
falling flat, the same as your confidence
shortsighted, both in thought, and in actual eyesight
you are not a man, you are a unisex cardboard cutout
forgotten, survival motives,
remaining, cowardly indignation in faces of confrontation
for being in a club called “poetry that sucks”. you sure think highly of your own work
humility should run parallel to greatness
“pride is the mask of one’s own faults”
your mistake? attempting to step into the ring with a bull,
possessing rails as arms,
frailty, your only charm,
absolutely failing to protect your facade from harm
bitches like you get torn down,
mandatorily suicided,
compelling emaciation,
you would get world traded stepping in the street with real dirt
i bet you cower in your pokemon-adorned bedroom wearing real skirts
and being called on your zeal, hurts
 fuck noah the poor
your useless like a broken door
laying in my path of destructive lore

A River You Can’t Swim In

A trillion blades of grass, forming knolls, stained with
sheltering sod from shoes surely that trample
evidence ample, sometimes
life forces , the strife we torch, agitprop machines blast, no worries, i know deceit
about to meet fevers’ edge, with one slash, this is a cleaver pledge,
don’t dredge upon unfamiliar turf, you might actuate dark thoughts from a darker realm,
at the helm, rain pours,
noah the lame whore
it was cute to watch you pretend to be tough, inspiring me to coax you to feign more
your dame bores, but a fitting couple, i know your not hitting supple
thats why your heart bleeds, ah the angst as you grieve
true thieves of delight, keep walking away,
never a conjuration of courage,
i bet you hide in pews
pride is few
and i doubt to you, this ride is new
i know the pathways you walk,
sullen specters that stalk
and i know you ain’t on the mound, midway through the pressure crumbles you,
batter balked
where is the retort, or are you too sad?
not getting that skeeve porked,
your beat dork,
time to back away,
why don’t you sack and pray,
you aren’t touched by the D.U. getting iraqis slayed

real pics of guns shooting at heads a.k.a puerile refuse

I apologize that you failed to find guns shooting at heads,
but i want to take this opportunity to insult you
how do you even remember to breathe on your own?
how can you even read, type, comprehend?
Do you know what an iq is, and if so, whats yours?
Are you teetering on the brink of genius, or are you bottom-heavy,
a bottom feeder, missing inherent, inherited genetic code?
Where is your sense of morality, in what fire-scalded hell hole was your code of conduct forged?
do not you have ANYTHING better to do,
than search for “real gun shot to the head pics”
you people are fucking imbociles 
grow up, man up,
turn your computer screen off, get off your backside of lethargy,
and turn that dusted membrane inside your skull ON,
insulting is the mediocrity, ignorance, and depravity,
of so many fools

Insults with gun to head shoot real bleed violence war

For what you search, an
exercise in degeneracy
Nitpicking horizons for signs
of brutality
compulsions for convulsions
eyes gouged for eyes
a pain proctor,
thirsting for shock value,
broken bones, marrow
released from bone like veinous prisons
your vainglorious deception
your invidious march toward weapons
nothing twists entrails you,
screaming in orgiastic desire, a fatal attraction for fatality
society’s vitiate, bastard offspring

Quintessential Abashment

Rollback your misinterpretations of the present
nothing left to support the non-profit orginazation of lies
they somehow succeeded, in glee, reducing spectrums
of political thought
divide, you will prevail
diatribes about the protection of life, while simultaneously
strangling adam apples while their children wail
the search for humanity has failed
pretend not, you saw blood on the horizon
you saw goldstein being despised and spit upon,
in streets of mania and depression
Posters plastered with a mujahadeen visage,
rusted relics being artificially reawakened,
synthetic riots exhalting the baseness of aimless aims,
bloody corpses lay dusted, now nameless names,
riding nuclear bombs on a war-fed aimless train
it is you who are the bane,
of which omnipotence blames,
and will burn eternal in agony,  for all slain
shame on you, blinders
readily accepted into your perdition
truth never capitulates,
lies never die, following
the bete noire of destruction,
your tyranny of nothingness
and they stand in awe of you

Illusionary Consecration

headlines so  laughably contradictory
Everyday ” Wall st. swoons as stocks soar on news of the fed rate cut”
very next day,
headline reads ” Stock market stomachs biggest loss of quarter”
How do you reconcile those differences?
How is it possible for the stock market to have the best day of its life
Rise to never-before-reached heights,
then take the biggest plummet of the fiscal year
I am no hound dog
but I know when i’m being taken for a walk
and holding the leash is the criminal cartel
And I don’t accept bones like a dog either
The bailouts have all the air of elitism
covering that as “Scandal from Spitzer”
not blinded by glitz
behind its a blitz
the phosphor hits and
 by facing that onslaught you face
great risk
I bet cholera’s not great bliss,
as it eviscerates miss,
then you will know,
as the shrapnel falls like kill snow
villians walk free,
tortuous and willing to reliquish the moral high ground,
it no longer exists, for us
we are the imperial, leading to peril,
we are now the redcoats, taxing your ass 
and colonialists, raised to arms,
now it is the brown people,
welcome to the mesopotamian tea party
where it is your money that goes overboard,
cry yourself to sleep as it sinks to the floor

Curious monkey with intelligence deficit disorder

Walking on your ashes
Dancing on your face
for resources, uncivil clashes
king george parades around like a fucking disgrace
his words lit the hearts of none on fire,
didn’t even receive the popular vote
i refuse to call his reptillian ass sire
until his lying mouth drowns from oil in the moat
still ravaging, savaging, the next target lingers,
still the lies drool from his lips
and you won’t care even after kins blood falls through fingers,
i would not malinger with people like this, reality they can’t even come to grips,
And they cant understand violent rebellion
or why the peasants take up arms, to defend their first-born,
murdering the sunni’s like allah-infused hellions,
and you won’t understand until your FIRST, TORN

The Pain of Progress

Tired of normalcy, useless machinations
Machavellian virtues, clandestine labs where peasants sweat, and die
Deplorable diplomacy at home, failing to exist as tangibility,
allowing the homeless to stray,
fade like denim frays,
ignorance to their plight pays
The desicion was made before I ever arrived,
so i followed, hoping the end would meet an amicable territory, instead residing,
where the fungus grows, on death
The Result was an assault against my subcutaneous membranes, made it crawl with depravity,
i thought i had triumphed this victory, but it did not pass
I stood in a stupor, like a workless, lifeless croupier
my uniform was shed back when the war was fresh, and clean,
now my war continues, finally escaped the small hands that gripped,
but my mind refuses to forgive, and forget what happened,
such is the plight for power,
the pallor of cowards,
and the growing pains of progress 

Two Wishes and Experience

Tearing my fingernails into the strip of gravel,
fibers striving to fill the current vacancy
jam the transmission into 3rd gear, just to let you hear it roar,
as she glides along the sidewalk,
with her dog, independent and proud
I must have caught her eye
Why else would you meet mine, and hold it,
like a downfeather quilt in the barest, naked winter
I smash into 4th, now the ponies gallop, and i am beside you,
watching your beautiful stride, as you view mine
still looking through to my eyes like there wasn’t an element in between
With such a cautious, thirsty gaze,
you are lucky that i passed you up,
because this is a desert,
i am dehydrated, and
your beautiful carbon form is a waterfall existing in a vacuum

Beaten Senseless

Wipe the dirt from your face,
filthy, frothing mouth with satanic desires
I am not even religious and can see the devil in you
I am not even religious, but i know what your savior says about,
murder, adultry, coveting, stealing,
the tasty sins, too much to swallow,
too little morality left to sway now
I know that the benevolent creator, that smashed, in one supercharged, nanosecond,
googolplex atoms together,
to make the elements you steal time and again,
raping our earth for the wealth of denim pockets,
for those cuban cigars,
and a christmas bonus to keep the stranglehold secure,
He did not intend for this,
His son did not speak of this,
The disingenuity of our conduct is disgraceful,
murdering more innocents than tinpot dictators, distasteful,
purported by the very souls who claim they are faithful
If you truly believe in the book you hold,
then stop capitulating to the lord of darkness,
standing silent, placid, and tame
while we raze our mother for everything she’s worth,
and destroying the beauty that we used to possess

Land of the Thieves, Home of the Slaves

To our beloved homeland,
two nations, two colors, under fraud
easily divisible, with media misery, 
and justice for few
Welcome to the land of the thieves, the home of the slaves,
where you are a criminal for keeping what you earn,
you are a criminal for speaking what you feel,
you commit crimes, if you, like castro,
refuse to tow our line
Welcome to the land of the blind, and the home of the graves,
where pretty faces litter shiny vision boxes like bloody graffitti
bloody thieves with red hands and full pockets, yours empty
they claim “god sent me”,
while your bread is stolen, accept it serf
Welcome to the land where others bleed, for our homes, depraved
Your domecile sitting atop skull dust and dried marrow,
no more pleasantries for the natives,
And what you own, is not really yours
and you are no one,
deserve no status,
if your afflattus reads: Ive tried, ive cried, ive strived, ive plied, ive belied, and i am nothing, but really poor
Welcome to the home of the moral diseased, singing the chorus of thieves, through loud speakers, to proud tweakers,
believing those with skin brown, are weaker,
while your commerciallay stained dreams are bleaker,
Welcome to the land of the imprisoned, and the home of the gracious,
you praise the lord in buildings, but turn your back on the salacious,
homeless heroes are dead, except to the cement and mice,
all because you spit on him, when he returned, forever spurned,
you’ll never learn, forever cemented to fiat vice
I don’t see freedom in bondage,
i don’t see treaties still true,
except that when you make colossal mistakes, you see it through
That is ultra-blindness, like a farmer left swineless
and the criminals that bond you remain falsley sheltered and spineless

Questions that will never be answered

Some most depressing topics fail to leave,
like thieves, stealing away what should be locked, deep
Questions that burn the lips it touches, and fail to alert the authorities of the foreboding blaze,
occurring in lockets and pockets, from the poorest executives, to the richest who live squalor and poverty
Why can’t she ever be mine?
Knowing that she might be taken rips and tears
Knowing that my future is forsaken, hurts
the same
Who can be blamed but myself, too lonely to walk the streets at night
not frightened of specters on the street, but of
ghosts that haunt above
Why do I drive away from her, on too frequent a basis,
wasting wasting wasting
it is her i wish to be tasting
wasting wasting wasted,
i wish my life could be “cut-and-pasted”
fuck this path, i see another filled with more passion,
no harassment,
no crassness and vapidity
if I had the chance, watch the rapidity, 
as i walk away from certain misery,
Why does this look so appalling from behind, cannot
clear away that damn fog,
life’s exhaust choking out into fragments, again,
Why don’t I stop this butchery,
like the lamb who I refuse to murder,
my stomach would rather starve,
downtown lanes cruising whips, on my Almost i’d rather carve,
I know you are not enamored by spars,
but miss,
I wish,
not just love trists,
wishing i could take you with me across the stars
Tear holes in space’s fabric, my lust for you is rabid,
and I wouldn’t have a loved one, if misogyny was my habit, 
Its like noodles I can’t stab, im using the wrong utensils,
why not just carve me out like plastic-human-hybrid stencils,
just take a pencil and start your note taking from here,
I know I could find happiness, if I tried,
if she cried,
an ode to the questions that will never be answered,
impossible to communicate over the fences,
expanse is dense,
and i’ll never get away taking my marching orders from fear
                                              If only the portal was near……….