Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Our Silent Sleep

Our sleep will be silent
As it was for 300 days

I crave your smell, your taste, your feel
I require your arms
I need your touch

But for 300 days,
You were forever disappeared
Quieting our passion
Dissolving our bond

Alcohol cannot rescue it,
Words poured upon you in a Sisyphean thrust
accomplished nothing

I stood by you, in wind and rain
I anchored your psyche
I fought your battles

And the scars from war hurt me
I ache inside
And the salve is you

You are a poor field medic,
You won’t tend my wounds
You don’t feel my hands,
You can’t see my lance,
You refuse to plant
You never water or waiver

Again I lie, hatefully beside you
Planning to wreck your fate
Hands that will break the plates, unleash dire straits
Set fire to your lake
You couldn’t comprehend my distaste,
My grenades never misplaced

Again, by you, alone
The whole night silent

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