Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify


Who fails to hear,
fails in tears
I fall like hail
Plummeting tears

Face dry
Tasting lye
I call to her
Failed try

Bodies in desert
Void of pleasure
Risking solace
Forgotten treasure

Here, I hurt
Pain, incessant rain drops stain
Acting like a jerk, in vain
Blood boils
Polluted soils
Ancient ruins, Mongolian Yurt

Dainty broads
Saintly rods
I feint caring
Another dusted dirt clod

Miles beyond
She has no song
Pained and alone
Tainted spawn

Left here, forgotten
Herbs and toxins
Mottled cardiac fiber
Absurd oxen

Hating this, ignoring
Baited into boredom
Wasted ticks
Faceless pricks
I erase Blix
And reap hollow distortion


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