Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Liquidity Deficit

Some banks, suffer a liquidity deficit,
a, primitive, delimiting discretion, vision, the precipice
Decay, eats away edifice,
Its slaves, beat down their effervescent bliss,
Parades for the moneyed men and roasted rat for the hopeless, trapped

Some pranks, suffer humility’s desertedness
played on victims of futile decadance
enraged to the point of muted silence,
the game played for pawns and the fuel of irrelevance

Some drinks, are infused with pestilence
Infected cofactors, resected gallbladders and,
slices of pulmonary alveoli,
all poisoned with the insurmountable false hope,
of peace

Some think, they are immune to hesitance,
acting on instinct and muscle memory,
forgetting where their molecular engines are maintained,
misplacing their trust in brokers of combustion,
left in a dust of oxidized metal and concussion

Some skanks, suffer from lucidity deficit,
eyes suffocated with glittering vapidity
rich, golden photons bouncing across retinal paths,
anesthetizing the mind with fake and false premises,
half-baked and malted memories,
saccharine-coated toxicity, melting inner membranes
withholding beasts from primal supremacy

One moment, 54 days ago, a woman, brought to tears,
when assaulted with the ignored reality shared by her friend,
yet again completely ignored, even met with contempt,
when it is time to comprehend, the ignored,
who cannot afford,
to any longer store,
this potent, fiery ore,
incinerating interiors

Ores burn and melt,
feelings turn and list,
heaven evaporates,
leaving hope in mist

Heart, in turn, subsists,
maintains its grip,
until a sudden slip,
returns for a tryst

Forgotten and neglected,
alone in hatred,
downtrodden and disrespected,
she will atone,
for crushing bones,
for crushing home,
for destroying my stone,
eroding sculptures
which hands so deftly and expertly crafted, for her

That woman was exposed to a handful of seconds, while here lives an eternity,
of liquidity deficit

No tears will fall,
when I break my chains,
her township only protected,
by my masoned walls

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