Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Lost Us

I am in the dark, searching
for ways out
of your darkness

This forest of anger,
Provides kindling for this fire
Burning inside you

I choke on your carbon monoxide breath,
Pouring onto
The bed we once slept on

I strain, pained under the crushing weight
Of yours
A burden we used to carry together
Now sits, eroded by acidic rain
Decaying in the poisoned air

Maps were procured,
Surveying this landscape,
Plotting courses
We once rode upon trotting horses,
Told ourselves we were fortunes
While impatient daggers bided time
A giant knife cut portions
Your sourness devoid and powerless
A quixotic abortion
Dead love, carrion
Victim of
Exotic torture

I yearn for the lust of beach sand
Caressed by oceans
Suppressing motion
Undressing and very calm
Heart exploding

My thirst for you is a drunken jester
Who had his fill
And swallowed swords
Unfollowed lying hordes
As I lie with you no more
And upend this enormous chore
And poison myself to feel sore
My gills are dry
My ears roar
My heart sick
Your poverty soars

Impoverished thoughts and paralyzed sensation
Crippled aching
A terrible mistake was made
Thinking you were staying

We went through a forest
Rescuing trust
We found it
But lost us

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