Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

2017 Strategy

2017 Strategy

14 Previous years are sufficient study,
to measure progress

The plan of attack is now clear, the estimated casualties have been precisely calculated

The conditions of sustained victory are simply surmised, and she,
with ineffectual, weak grip strength, relinquishes her easily obtained gain

The aftermath of a conventional nuclear war lays upon the field of battle, where she ignores the score

She looks past the wounded, the dead, the dying
She gazes beyond the sick and stricken population,
convinced she remains in a position of power while,
her soldiers suffer

The truth is a different matter

The truth is an illustration of despair,

A landscape of uninvited solace

Desolate land

The strategy is thus; a mantra

Give what is deserved, or suffer the ultimate insult, apathetic hopelessness,

hateful abandonment, superficial extraction

I don’t require her validation for victory,
as I have already won,a lifetime of amnesia









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