Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Insanity Looped Infinite

Insanity, looped infinitely,
by a machine too weak to mar its maker

Careful crafting,
bashful dashing,
harassment surpassing,

Her math was a complex calculation of graphs,
logrithms, variables and even pi,
laid upon the table for deliberation

Her method of attack was decidedly weak,
against an opponent who knew her plans

And her war goals are confused and confounded
by my acumen

My troops stroll across the battlefield draped in metal and acrid zeal

My troops roll the dice, rattling the cages of fragile rage
You are too weak to face the agile mage

Your skeleton is frangible, your consistency flawed,
your inner-human is ill-developed for

Your jaw was not built to withstand, assault from reason
A weakness runs throughout the thousand yards of your genetic material,
Failure was not assured, but you tried so hard to accomplish it

The lost lessons of frost
Accosted by daily attacks,
Harassed, on the fringes and in the epicenter of existence

This loss, you fought so ardently for
your excellently manicured keratin, scraped and stammered,
thrust deeply into the cutaneous surface of my chest
Expecting, victory

You wanted this
You yearned for the moment where I discovered: You weren’t everything

Perhaps no one can ever comprehend,
why such a callous soul would afford, contentment upon another

Or maybe this was always your sick plan,
temporary respite from fighting,
a ceasefire with mal intent

Whether you wished this or not,
your actions yield your future

Without, me







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