Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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One and the Same

Her recent attempt at resolve brought contempt upon one mass of carbon

standing in dark hallways with angered eyes and a foul mouth

performing her beautiful, much rehearsed theatrical presentation

firing vitriole into the heavens

still struggling under the weight of her spurned hatred

only civil option is ingesting feeling like polluted chemical sandwiches, just waiting to boil in acid

hoping it will digest once more and pass, rather than stagnate, soil, and simmer


still the pain forms nails shooting through my epidermal layers

each, sharp word forming a single, elongated and distempered construction accessory

all for the destitution of some perverted notion of loyalty

while you’re just an accessory to assault on my cardiac rhythm

once again you coagulate my only pleasure

and rise in my chest a bellowing beast that thirsts for blood, retribution

or just one chance

to escape your vile mouth