Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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War Haiku #649

build perimeters
chain off all the entrances
and prepare for death


Gun Shot Victims

You arrived with your eyes open wide,
Thirsting for morbid slaughter
sifting through torrents of abhorrent vitriol
always wishing to see what happens when
metal meets fragments of skull bone, fractured
and hulled, removing the outer barrier to knowledge

What would possess you to yearn for such depravity,
is it Jack Bauer on picture tubes,
smacking around brown people to get answers

Or maybe its your love of conflict, your addiction
to violent firearm affliction
still mispronouncing words because you lack diction
and cheerlead to keep causing Iraq friction

So its my mission to insult your lack of intellect, and your penchant for expired affection of insurrection

…….losing your humanity all the while

[Author’s note]This is written again for almost the only hits I get on my blog, people searching for terms like “head bleeding from gun shots” and “gun shot wounds”. For all who yearn for violence, here’s to YOU!

Hypocrisies United under Ethnocentric Banner Ads

What a sight to behold, the millions of rats scurrying around in self-built prisons and plantations

jogging on the endless wheels of greed and desire,

soaking up the suns rays, in the hopes that a fire of hydrogen will assist,

in synthesizing that which we cannot,

The crowds have turned vicious against what all of their ancestors once were

Screaming to stem the flow of hot bodies, crying of theft and obligation

Wallowing in  sour desires of nationalism, burgeoning from a place that doesn’t exist

These irritated sheep must not realize the chains that once bound humans to the land

Old Countries that thrived in tribes, broken under crushing weight of servitude 

and imperial fantasy

colonial terror, shredding the birthplace of humanity, thanking the land of increased melatonin production with chains, coffin cages, and masters forcing them to stay below deck,

while the thunderous waves exploded against the hulls, jarring the contents, transformed from grazers, guiding catttle to unbridled chattel,

forfeiting the justness of justice, with blindfolds thrust upon the prisoners

boards with water threatening still 

and innocent afghan taxi drivers killed against will