Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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Gods’ Toilet Water

What is a correct course of action for destitution to enact, while hunger stalks it
facing the difficult decisions of life
whether to starve
whether to steal
ready to cave from elitist zeal
hungry buried under porches, covered in dust
dilapidated state of existence, full anatomical fragrance saturation
mud cookies satiating starve, its’ persistence, flagrant NOT-AT-ALL subtle conflagrations
befuddled populations believing in skies
maintain air supremacy
king dick the heir to hegemony
a vagrants wages pirated
just without visible hooks
invisible crooks, they stand behind doors
miserable mistaking wolves for dragons
perched atop skyrise,
all under the sky, die
just a bunch of putrid animals hungry for scraps
plunder while praying to faith, recall the savior with haste
too many drowning in a lake of God’s toilet water