Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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Are wrists hurting?!??

why…..     don’t your wrists hurt?

a canyon, deepening towards you

steep receipts, non-discreet beliefs

buried, surplus swiss-cheesed

cannot you feel crushing weight upon your metacarpals

gravity of debt stronger than it’s own physics

lines been crossed, vacuum’s unseen grip consuming all hope for Palestine’s been lost

too many starving to feed their houses, grass browning when the hydrogen burn sets down

cause of your semi-medicated esteem still unclear, underneath your skin is shackles

while survival starting to become too much for “advances species” to tackle

faith erupting providing the last bit of spackle

some lurking downstairs munitions stockin’ impecunious jackals

you can’t even see what hungry is after

or what’s after hunger, if not satiated dieing in river side’s withered and emaciate

devalued souls, attempting to fill their devalued holes

but consumption won’t save you

over-expanding what you don’t have is what will enslave you

carpals still sore but the chains aren’t on me yet

no f0reign dictatorsh1t has dive b0mb-3d me yet

just trying to stop more bloodshed and warfare-tsunami threats

still not feeling your hands,

wringing, disgust from perfunctory productions

the outright lies don’t strain the wrists

even though

belt is broken,

and “only playing with cards dealt’ is token