Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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Dangerous Humanitarian Assumptions

Let us never make such a grave mistake, as one of pure ignorance
and depending on foundations built of mendacity: Having a high degree of confidence in the belief that we are anything above beasts
Let us never forget our genetic roots, trillions of biochemical strands in a cosmic swirl of destiny intertwined within pure anarchy
each strand, stratifying all cerebal function, supporting such frail and futile institutions, to the gravest of insanity;
An almost relentless devotion to self-preservation, except when relinquishing our control into weapons of great fire and destruction
submitting to a notion that our races’ survival is consequently dependent upon further malicious institution of these massively heinous bludgeons
Feeding kool-aid to masses that our savior lies within our tools of ultimate demise
How absurd an idea with such forceful preponderance,
kilotons of fissile material brewing beneath a mile of granite stone
Undulating throughout several thousand centrifuges
Awaiting sirens for activation
Silent screams of a tacit nation

Bluster and Frailty

Everyone knows what comes next
After medicine men pound the skins, hands beating
down on drums, dust
 dead termites and skin cells shed
from the tribes, rise into the air
Reflecting the mission of your studious glare
The torrent of the drum beating envelopes the surrounding atmosphere
Each subtle physical manifestation of vibration flowing throughout you
While you decry all attempts to cure you as failing
the diffusion of your thoughts into a conscripted void of black matter
The medicine man beats at a faster pace, replete with masterful grace
Allowing you to taste ancestral weaponry
against pain
Suffering thrown down 12 flights of stairs, only
to find you
awaiting its judgement, the finality and frailty of sickness
attacking again
Waves of the universe flow against the wicked
Ignorant of those appreciating the beauty of eternal struggle
Watching for your turn to fall  

Searching for gun shots to real heads, really?

Fluttering in the incessant breeze of war,
flailing in the wind like footsoldier amputees
torso’s destroyed moreso,
we can’t afford to lace waffle stompers,
metal encased in metal, no longer threatens
our existence
the threat is within ourselves
Flame roush lip paint cannot conceal,
murderous plots, destroy ergot with zeal
this is a pond for most, too deep to delve
the price of life or death too steep to sell, vanity foreclosed on
the emporers clothes gone,
ammunition guided, jaded mechanics of survival
forbidden assault on sultans in tehran
there’s no power at the top, if you lack rivals

Human Shot With Real Gun, gun shot head head gun gun

A man was slain in cold, reptillian blood,
by his master, hooded in silence,
before his disgusting demise, his hands were broken by freedom,
his heart was lacerated, quartered and drawn away,
the horses running from the stench of death and liberty
the peasants drown and drown again,
a million foot-pounds of pressure exerting itself upon the search for help,
left helpless and rotting, for the marine lives that thrive below,
a siren song floats from the carribean shores,
a soft bellow to the masters that once,
attempted to violate the status quo
The man might step down from his current duties, but he is still a man,
his country, is still independent,
and your commandante has not shut him out, yet
here is the call for REAL freedom, TRUE patriotism
 stop detesting and destroying countries,
that refuse to submit to your rule,
you are not god,  
your people are not god,
your beliefs are not god,
your government is not god,
and no stratifying, all-encompassing amendment will ever make it true 


Most don’t pay attention to the path i walk along,
and thats what i prefer
most lack the mental capacity to conjure my deposed motives,
my forlorn, savage persistence
living in a flame-out,  truly ravaged existence
Most can’t view the arson in my eyes,
The arson in my hands,
The fire in my heart
I wear labels to help them understand,
because i know the enemy they fear
I take pride, in chiding the “consensus” of your herd
both, because it is childish, silly, and totally illogical
and also,
because its sad
Its depressing when the most powerful reptiles that walk the planet,
spit into the faces of the weak
spit on the countries of the chosen,
and reign fire for a hundred years
Permanent bases of operandi,
no-bid, total contractual failure
Here are the gifts of my people
Here is what your country has become: a fuckin joke
destroying countries that have nothing to do with stated objectives,
sand and bodies remain in a cloud of fuckin smoke
The white phosphor melts the skin of children,
melts their kin into the past
this is not what the forefathers intended to build,
The document that holds us together is in tatters,
like textiles draped across homeless veterans, treatment refused
What glaring abuse,
such farcical diatribes, hiding in an american flag-hoodie
blindfolded like the lady of liberty
blowing smoke into the faces of the many,
sewing your lips shut,
a political ball gagged hypothesis
keeping the weak in dark, dank dungeons,
clubbing survivors with bludgeons
the thief leader, a truly bastardly curmudgeon
flag lapelles mean absolutely DICK
the proof is in the power, not ascribed, stolen
wishing that we all will not be destroyed

Institutionalized Descrimination

I can see their eyes, wide open to the blinding audacity,
of hope,
I can see their hands, cracked, brittle, bleeding from the
toils in fields of soil,
I can see their faces, stained with the soil that litters the floor, sweat drowning their brows,
dark death prowls at the end of the plow
I can see the compunction, radiating from the slouched posture of these creatures, stenches floating to noses,
the flurry of pain has just begun
I laugh at the epitaph,
wasted words on a wasted existence,
lighting fires where lakes used to lie
ripping fingernails from the hands of slaves
an unjust farmer, sowing seeds of sour disposition
Now they are laying in the parched field,
bodies stiffer than starch, to death they yield,
no longer succombing to your hapless zeal