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Day 3/Heartburn Reloaded

This is day 3, and while I have regained lost mental acuity, and calm
I have undergone the recurring problem of doubt, and hatred

She no longer gives thought, to my trials
She no longer cares, about my plight
Whether she ever did before, irrelevant
For the facts must be dealt with now

She said she was trying to stop talking,
while she talked more, like always
And claimed I was writing her novels

Here is my next novel to you, I call it: Brick Wall

For now that is what composes my heart,
my eyes wear blinders, where only your visage is absent
and the whole colorful world envelopes your empty space

I am a brick wall now, that you might forever regret
using your double-edged tongue to cut me lengthwise
and test my patience

How does it feel, running your hands along this mortar, where
my mouth once existed
do not you wish you could grasp the slender handle of a sledge hammer
break apart these walls, which your contemptuous hands dreamt of building
Now you may grumble in your own hostilities, loathing my attitude
Like I loathe your contemptuous being

Can you hear? The echoes?
Bouncing off my brick wall
Thank you for helping to build it

Distorted Torsion

What recourse remains,
for a lover, long forgotten
shadowed in the subterranean

And what meaning,
does this dream hold?
A woman opening her arms
shooting warmth from her genetic pillars of ecstasy
refuting my girlfriends hoarse screams of contempt
your insulting tongue can cut no longer

Two weeks ago, you hid a blade in plain sight,
and attempted to shred my confidence, ruthless and sour
But I know inside your ego’s devoured

So while waking, conscious life colors this world in sunlight,
I bide my time, for another chance at real affection
From strange women in strange dreams,
making my brain scream to escape you,
and your vile, acidic words

I am approaching break point, and she refuses to stop this onslaught

Before, it might have been,
but now it will never be bittersweet,
when i escape your shackles

A different form of acid reflux

Happiness dashed,
as these walls crumble
each flake of mortar fulfills function
slashing my carotid arteries
assaulting contentment

Formerly escaped..
..vaulted disorder
halted apprehensive infringement
desecrating perimeters
it smashed through and got the wound salted

The high swoon, hoping esteem dies soon
engaging my typhoon, a mind-storm
belied by a pride no longer in swine form
or is it? H1Nspun, viral mystics
surrounded in a theater of critics
fear hounds while jeers drown
tries to cheer
deaf to its sounds
stress pounds, cardiac absence
fleeting into safer corners
this party is wack, dashed hopes again in the labyrinth

Now it will not rest
flounder in lost threats
the Reserve where hidden costs are kept

Now driven by cold, the frost crept
word weapons, hostile tools accost in one breath
soon neurotransmitters blast hazards at the bureau of critters
thorough blizzard scorn
cannot heal blisters from the storm

Tadalafil, #2 selling med on illicit frontstore-pharma den website, and other useless fairy tales

Of a vast array of ways, to display affection,
an ample selection of genuine, passionate actions
which one may choose to overtake,  none soar
above such a gesture as ingesting phosphodiesterase inhibitors

Nothing says, “my passion for you has rocketed to a height of disillusioning proportion”
like sucking down solid-stick pills for your significant other, only 36 hours
of bio-availability left, just for that one chance, to allow the blood to flow,
to flaccid love tools, wilting across the nations, and beyond

A measure of such a gesture of affection, as to exert yourself almost to the point of
stimulation, only to decay from weakness, and disfavor, all the while
(If the patient actually read the insert)knowing that swallowing this pill of adamantine ecstasy ,
this bitter, blissful speck of incompliance, can make you rise even farther,

Taking these pills is akin to sessions of staring into the sun,
depending upon the length of exposure,one is risking blindness, of anatomy and ego
you also, by requiring external pharmaceutical and pharmacological initiation,
and making the mistake of sipping from grapefruits, risk an increase in side effects

The best adverse reaction available to prove how much you love someone,
is to endure a not-wished-for 4 Hour undercarriage tension event, risking the possibility of
losing penile vitality and virility forever

The fact that ingesting a stiff stick pill can render you useless forever causes laughter in my reality
Even though they disrupt the action of alpha blockers,
venturing to such lengths, seems too hefty a price, to show how much I care,
and it doesn’t seem alpha at all

A Call To Arms

A call to arms
standing naked amidst crowds
wielding death weapons and a cheapened stance in societies stratifying dissemination
From mouths in the sky,
depravity lets fly
violent shards of hatred and cynicism
Insistent diatribes, mythology that refuses to perish
Absent apologies they abuse and cherish
laying cold carrions at the feet of the heiress
Slander and Salacious, Trite agitprop screams from televised gun barrels,
loading up loaded words, goading the herds
causing foreboding when the status quo prevails, absurd
Words made of fissile material, composing the most minute elements together
forming the ultimate tool of terror,
shot across the sky, into cold territory again
The sick, illicit onslaught continues, a manufactured farce of morbidity
digging under the cutaneous layers of destitute and dilapidated livestock
coaxing fire of anger,
mire of rage
dire consequence, leading forlorn to torn graves
born slaves, chained to imperial fantasy
pleading to ethereal, concealing their zeal
no more healing to feel, when cannon balls plummet from the heavens
This usurpation has been tolerated for far too long
Death by state is too wrong

Dielight, a.k.a the vampirric fantasia

A vast, grand creature unsheaths fangs,
its’ instrument of death, its’ instrument of life
each, sharp protrusion delves into depths of flesh
Acting as does the exterior of the earths atmosphere,  a vaccuum
Utilizing liquified suction to consume all life energy within the victim

Walking around in the thick haze, bouncing off reflections of mirror-like surfaces
which glow with hatred,
executing vicious plans from laboratories,
The tasters of plasma let slip a slightly sardonic grin,
just peeking from the tip of a blood-stained cheek
letting you in on the secret

A gang of Vampires, hiding beneath the shielded facade
of perfectly tailored suits from Milan,
Perform their morbid dance
Throwing at you, a morbid glance
Injecting sleeping potion into your veins
Lay back to slumber, its’ abhorrent trance

Bluster and Frailty

Everyone knows what comes next
After medicine men pound the skins, hands beating
down on drums, dust
 dead termites and skin cells shed
from the tribes, rise into the air
Reflecting the mission of your studious glare
The torrent of the drum beating envelopes the surrounding atmosphere
Each subtle physical manifestation of vibration flowing throughout you
While you decry all attempts to cure you as failing
the diffusion of your thoughts into a conscripted void of black matter
The medicine man beats at a faster pace, replete with masterful grace
Allowing you to taste ancestral weaponry
against pain
Suffering thrown down 12 flights of stairs, only
to find you
awaiting its judgement, the finality and frailty of sickness
attacking again
Waves of the universe flow against the wicked
Ignorant of those appreciating the beauty of eternal struggle
Watching for your turn to fall  

Gun Shot Victims

You arrived with your eyes open wide,
Thirsting for morbid slaughter
sifting through torrents of abhorrent vitriol
always wishing to see what happens when
metal meets fragments of skull bone, fractured
and hulled, removing the outer barrier to knowledge

What would possess you to yearn for such depravity,
is it Jack Bauer on picture tubes,
smacking around brown people to get answers

Or maybe its your love of conflict, your addiction
to violent firearm affliction
still mispronouncing words because you lack diction
and cheerlead to keep causing Iraq friction

So its my mission to insult your lack of intellect, and your penchant for expired affection of insurrection

…….losing your humanity all the while

[Author’s note]This is written again for almost the only hits I get on my blog, people searching for terms like “head bleeding from gun shots” and “gun shot wounds”. For all who yearn for violence, here’s to YOU!

Subversive Detrimental Assurance

Somehow I feel it is correct, garnishing all information and conforming it into a single, satanic theory of devolution

so easy to pick out faces of the starving
cheeks swollen with malnutrition
corralled  by politicals with malcontent
plotting on all, smoking cigars in a winter chalice
trying to clean up the pieces of saddams splintered palace

The poor wince at status, and shrivel from starvation
politicians spew pragmatic blither and goad us to spar nations,
spurn those who let us rob the soil
iraqi mothers sob and the mahdi army boils

they all toil, mirrors and smoke filled rooms, leeching off tax cash
goading brash actions against masses
they want to disseminate stench gasses
jaws clench, black robes snicker behind the bench,
well-entrenched in the system of justice

ironic statements thrust, like cheap pick up lines colored with lust
but they cannot smother my trust
i leave that to myself, my prides on a high-shelf
although they try to diminish them, i can hear their cries swell

dont care if i die, the fallen
continue to fight the diatribes, pitting dark against the darker
more whispers of gulags from another stalin
the bombs whistle in the distance, drown out
but the mothers callin

im just a brother trying to stall endless death
live side by side with humanic tribes,
powered by semantic vibes
on this hill, overlooking the frantic cries

getting crooked, must stop killing with tyrannick pride

Scourge of Depravity

All hail saints atop gates of platinum

houses of pallor, housing scores of cowards

insinuating detrimental defection

duty dereliction

sickness infecting those too fearful to glower

raining metal power to truth

long lost, our hours of youth

sitting insect-eyed, viewing the tower above

The strongest photons cannot penetrate granite corridors

where the horrid lore of shame, supported unrelenting

by tyrannic abhorrent whores

swiss-cheesing the constitution, found unkempt and

ill-prepared to face threats of cave dwellers

rave lunatics that subsist on slave propellers

visions of paradise, there’s not a grave they couldn’t sell her

now our republic, threatened, but not by mujaheddin

just a smoke screen for the real bandits

if you have a better example of zeal, hand it

walking on a one way course into an inescapable gambit

The Day the Sun Burned Out

Naive frivolities collapse as foundations of breath crumble
In the finality, food was plentiful
no brooding was deferential,
no more belief in the existential,
gone was Maltemperament, courage
no longer fearful to appear forceful,
physical prowess was therefore eradicated,
trains on rails now travelled faster, before the power expired
Humans loved one another,
loved like brothers,
conduct between mammals in most civilized of terms
why cant they hear the calls, why cant they hear the crying
our destiny of death, now the spilled blood is drying
ten thousand years before, homosapien was finally domesticated,
the masses read, they were fed, and not
with fulminations of diety,
or unicorns, or pegasus or zeus
they drank the spirit of gravity,
laws of nature at last, conquered,
the guiding light, leading to latitudes of platitudes
stratified terraces of repoire, respect, integrity
no longer did they succomb to the empty, vapid, dry desires of earths past,
they refuse now, to peruse inner lining of  pockets, whether
you lie along inner circles, or outward bounds
the radius of esteem, encompassing the population
they allowed the arcane death to expire,
and injected faith back into reality and reality into faith
not the faith of fallen myths,
moreover, the competent belief in ones body,
and the majority of likeminded’s compassion and driving forces in agreement
ultimate peaceful capitulation
reaching far beyond terraforms, into
the outer universe
humanity at last, extending toward blackest heaven
striving to right all the wrongs they caused
until submitting to something bigger that left them in awe
perishing the day the sun burned out

Gods’ Toilet Water

What is a correct course of action for destitution to enact, while hunger stalks it
facing the difficult decisions of life
whether to starve
whether to steal
ready to cave from elitist zeal
hungry buried under porches, covered in dust
dilapidated state of existence, full anatomical fragrance saturation
mud cookies satiating starve, its’ persistence, flagrant NOT-AT-ALL subtle conflagrations
befuddled populations believing in skies
maintain air supremacy
king dick the heir to hegemony
a vagrants wages pirated
just without visible hooks
invisible crooks, they stand behind doors
miserable mistaking wolves for dragons
perched atop skyrise,
all under the sky, die
just a bunch of putrid animals hungry for scraps
plunder while praying to faith, recall the savior with haste
too many drowning in a lake of God’s toilet water

Yellow Ribbons support our troops, and other bloodlust fairy tales

It takes mountains of courage to forgive murder
more to remain silent facing absolute mendacity, continuous, steady
prostitutes in cash suits throwing 6 bills at your face stealing
6500 taken before you even get your paycheck
only skins won from corpses
too much blood-lust to admit mistaken identities
though that was always known in
secret rooms, secret tombs
phosphor rain, no regret for her womb
still haven’t learned enlightened paths
money doesn’t reside there, where
love is hate’s sworn enemy, where
crystals shatter like bones of weakened
servants while power is plentiful,
but whores that glower demand spigots shut, against thrusts of destitutions last crutch, holding guns they rushed because its legal here, bow when posters parade regal fear,
medieval, cave dwelling, socially-devolved gears
dust, coughing, force fed at troughs, sacrificial offerings
Gods Lambs, nearly rendered incapable
my hands torn, resisting mandatory agitprop
splattered across screens as plasma  porn
hazard, bouts, distraught, politically burned like quiches
biting hands of masters for tugging at leashes
pipelines are its veins, black plasma  is treasure
but brown did not make the cut
slay the mutts,  ones who cower
singed fringes on eyebrows
as crowds scream “let them die now”
orgiastic hatred for gold-stine , bow
benign sows,
standing at a stone face, cry proud
invisible to my lines, no matter if they arrive loud
lies still cloud horizons
agitation fog of war
smog, gore
how much longer can we rob the poor?

Forgotten Realism Theoretics

Canvases began life clean
quiet before bullet rain
pours its heart-stopping capability upon
peasants, residences
they color pictures
their fluid stains canvas
best when fresh, fresh when veins rip
yielded, ever-newer conflagrations,
situational humor perfected for sheepish audience
Acronyms of sin
Contraction , distraction of true meaning,
slumber, struggle to hide truth, loyalty fleeting
bastardly you are, ridiculed critics of murder
clawing at the plastered facade, wailing at walls of
a dead diety
forever dissappearance of love
destruction of mammallian bonds
utlimatum of true mortality
bygone era of restraint
encore the plasma partitions
truth, again, the anathema held, imprisoned 

Misunderstanding Lessons

Sitting alone in a room full of deep freeze
My perspective was destroyed, following the suit of normality
Every time my brain is left to wander,
take me to where there is love, yonder
I attempt to avoid, but that path was laid in the past,
arguing about whether happiness’s hair is blonder
Questions always arise, gravity-enslaved balloons fighting, struggling to just fly
Who is the one who will bring my happiness, and forestall my demise
It would be disingenuous to believe, attempt to convince myself that,
love will form the grace of boomerangs
because it isn’t always a world of reciprocation
Laws of nature dictate total anarchical chaos
complete and utter discontinuation of continuity and order
Contraindications exist within us all,
and that which contradicts beauty, is beauty
Mutiso the Poet is correct;
“where imperfection is perfection”
That is nature, exactly
That is the only truth, so many fear to favor
Look to where dirt stains the sheets
Search for the used in markets
Those, that are broken,
are the only ones still whole
they are the ones, who remain with their souls
they face guns in battles,
debase shuns, for, we are chattel
We, unsightly and blind
Crying, begging, screaming and kicking to consume,
yearning to prove how much better you are
When labels are for fools,
Fable’s, fuel
not playing by the sabers rules
I know this is truth, because I live it
Devoid, and destroyed
trying to trick myself into happiness
all the while, knowing
I am more broken than those you deceptively demur

A River You Can’t Swim In

A trillion blades of grass, forming knolls, stained with
sheltering sod from shoes surely that trample
evidence ample, sometimes
life forces , the strife we torch, agitprop machines blast, no worries, i know deceit
about to meet fevers’ edge, with one slash, this is a cleaver pledge,
don’t dredge upon unfamiliar turf, you might actuate dark thoughts from a darker realm,
at the helm, rain pours,
noah the lame whore
it was cute to watch you pretend to be tough, inspiring me to coax you to feign more
your dame bores, but a fitting couple, i know your not hitting supple
thats why your heart bleeds, ah the angst as you grieve
true thieves of delight, keep walking away,
never a conjuration of courage,
i bet you hide in pews
pride is few
and i doubt to you, this ride is new
i know the pathways you walk,
sullen specters that stalk
and i know you ain’t on the mound, midway through the pressure crumbles you,
batter balked
where is the retort, or are you too sad?
not getting that skeeve porked,
your beat dork,
time to back away,
why don’t you sack and pray,
you aren’t touched by the D.U. getting iraqis slayed

Pain is only semi-universal

Why fight
for one over another when both bleed
the same
Supporting satin antecedents, ones
that benefit someone
even, against the flames of liberty
Horns form to spur opponents
to spar over claimed territory
lacking legitimacy, they are one and same
words now, worthless
dollars go into the bombs,
the fear and submission bubble, carpet vaporized
hard to render this blood bath deceased in rubble
too naive to understand why
slaughter is necessary
and dedication, allocation of mandatory donations and our reputation
at stake, while the fray would be flattened
if they could comprehend their fate
folly of their actions
pain would only begin to lecture
ripped fingernails isn’t even level one torture conjecture
lose your life for those who did nothing to you, and lost theirs
misplaced, fooled and misled optic nerves, leading only to ends,
never realizing, destruction from means,
they prove that pain is only semi-universal

Failure to fully disclose upon inductio

Oh, oh, blizzard blinds weak passers

cannot pay attention with cash and condescension

glass encasing faith laid to waste,

ego death in your disgrace,

fealty, misplaced

the race racing

dilapidated basements, a loyalty loner

lost in ages past, cannot you see?


stuffing your face, deadlier

heart race racing,

busted, cardiac friction, the pace maker wasted now,

i bet you would feed on a basted cow,

fall on boned knees, as your deception drips from the faucet,

taste and bow,

hesitations aroused, scared, now the fear leaped forward,

deceits important,


our natives scalped, kool aid pitchers shattered,

now the red sugar is on your hands, portray scams, stalking foreign suspects, travel in bands,

oh, oh

they didn’t say freedom tasted like this,

whoa, out of control now, speakers blown,

monitor thrown,

the weaker bones fall, cuz you dodge it scared

logic impaired

keratin closet naired

oh, oh they never told me the burden so heavy,

bevy of

atrocities failing levees: the prevalence

and a fucking paucity of evidence

you cannot handle breadths of vituperation

you racist

you, the basest, despot

failed regime, blowin failed schemes,

attacking innocents because of your derailed dreams,

as i impale your esteem

sins will fail you, indeed,

sloppy with greed,

truly still under misinformation consternation

they always told me money tasted of power,

all around me are soulless thieves, motives gone sour,

so impotent, they all cower,

insinuating glowers

and i won’t stop until the truth comes out under towers

Insults with gun to head shoot real bleed violence war

For what you search, an
exercise in degeneracy
Nitpicking horizons for signs
of brutality
compulsions for convulsions
eyes gouged for eyes
a pain proctor,
thirsting for shock value,
broken bones, marrow
released from bone like veinous prisons
your vainglorious deception
your invidious march toward weapons
nothing twists entrails you,
screaming in orgiastic desire, a fatal attraction for fatality
society’s vitiate, bastard offspring

Searching for gun shots to real heads, really?

Fluttering in the incessant breeze of war,
flailing in the wind like footsoldier amputees
torso’s destroyed moreso,
we can’t afford to lace waffle stompers,
metal encased in metal, no longer threatens
our existence
the threat is within ourselves
Flame roush lip paint cannot conceal,
murderous plots, destroy ergot with zeal
this is a pond for most, too deep to delve
the price of life or death too steep to sell, vanity foreclosed on
the emporers clothes gone,
ammunition guided, jaded mechanics of survival
forbidden assault on sultans in tehran
there’s no power at the top, if you lack rivals

1 god bomb

Reflux brings serious helltrick depravity

girls upset cuz i stucked and wrecked pelvic cavities

pissed off cuz i brissed *scoff* true terror inoculant

calling to forces burn down the fairest and opulent

fuck the lackeys, dick jocking bastards

the stretchable fibers that keep tight the slack,

too terrified with your own putrid hands to murder iraqis

thats why you let the men do it,

like menstration blood upends through it

too late to save faithless faith, shame shame looks like you blew it

propaganda flows forth

condescension meeting anyone with enough audacity to spew it

slander grows as the memoranda on mesopotamia dissappears

hidden from view are the true official fears

peering into wallets watch paper turn to powder

the burn gets louder, calling for more bloodletting

steel leeches ripping and the red makes obesity at home prouder

enveloped in 3 colors, greed acts

as the muller,

and if you begin to hunger you can be fed new england chrome chowder

fuck it, speakers blown,

destroy amphetamines and tweakers groan,

but their broken ashes are still stronger than you meeker clones 



Slave to Substance

Laying more broken on dirt-weathered floors,
I am what the status quo abhors
Refusing to chew punditreason,
a revolting assault on reason
Pardon me, but while this misapplication of logic cascades into mentality
Skin on elbows begins its’ boil 
55% of right kidney springs into action on my behalf,
Adrenal glands rebound, inject my instinct back into me
Picturesque view prevails for some, the fooled,
the ones with wool covering their faces,
like confused californian eskimos
my body rejects it like poison
Excuse me for over-heightened expectations,
or assuming that deplorable lies will die in fire, they still burn bright,
like fireflies flickering in the night, blinding you to the electronics behind it,
making it move
I apologize for being a slave to substance,
an addict to substantial arguments,
and using logic as a crutch,
I am so obviously the fool, closing my ears to manufactured reality,
sparkling as farce, deafening to the laymen
insulting at their fortitude for failure,
or just intellectual laziness
there is no excuse for hanging gallileo now
because he was correct,
the truth needs no protection from the bludgeon,
it is the lies they are vanguard to
lets see if you sink when you hit the water

No Reason for Rhyming

Call me nothing, call me a peasant
call me any epithets that you find pleasant
ill pick up the receiver, and retort avidly
contradicting all false diatribes, you sleep with depravity
Your mouth means nothing, your tongue, tall and swollen
without the protection of vice, your belongings would be stolen,
 But i continue allowing my wage stolen,
like a page folding,
bending over with the balance of ransacked pins from bowling,
now your kicking for columbine, trying to chalk it as “all in time”
neck skin will be emaciate and torn if you don’t fall in line
Wall is mine, only protection against your false will,
monetary devaluation has us climbing a false hill
Exhalted river of bleed,
extolled mission of greed,
the sickness won’t be cured until the disease is halted,
the criminals responsible for death are faulted,
and the true patriots come from beneath the blanket of farce,
only veracity will ever be vaulted

Kathy Lee Giff-style baby

Textiles, their creators must loathe eventual owners
drawing crowds, in full view where they shine,
 proving worth 
but no one owes anything to foot soldiers,
marching, out of necessity, suns
beating like bludgeons,
and prisoner fits role nicely
for cents they create for us,
and retail attempts to tickle back
the denim becomes aggressive back home,
ploys aggressive moreso,
reaching, reaching, from its stitching
comedic are scenes where embellishments flourish into
the room, 12 o’clock stargazing,
but the makeup forgot its job
cameramen too lazy, from the sun,
corporary enslavement evaluation failed