Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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A different form of acid reflux

Happiness dashed,
as these walls crumble
each flake of mortar fulfills function
slashing my carotid arteries
assaulting contentment

Formerly escaped..
..vaulted disorder
halted apprehensive infringement
desecrating perimeters
it smashed through and got the wound salted

The high swoon, hoping esteem dies soon
engaging my typhoon, a mind-storm
belied by a pride no longer in swine form
or is it? H1Nspun, viral mystics
surrounded in a theater of critics
fear hounds while jeers drown
tries to cheer
deaf to its sounds
stress pounds, cardiac absence
fleeting into safer corners
this party is wack, dashed hopes again in the labyrinth

Now it will not rest
flounder in lost threats
the Reserve where hidden costs are kept

Now driven by cold, the frost crept
word weapons, hostile tools accost in one breath
soon neurotransmitters blast hazards at the bureau of critters
thorough blizzard scorn
cannot heal blisters from the storm

Third Eye Declined

I am puzzled every day at the mendacity of status quo lifestyles
including my own

When faced with a choice, a dirt path in the woods, overwrought with undergrowth
which diverges into two completely separate paths,
one, encapsulating the current, destitute and failed incorporation of all that “reality” brings into your life

and the other path, which travels deeper into the forest of unknown,
a book with a thousand pages, all untouched by ink,
there lies the unbeaten path, at risk of disavowing every single piece of humanity, social stratification,

while a corporate dog eats all, the pattern’s amazing
back home,  they cling to it like an edge of the Grand Canyon
fingernail fractures soil, a last attempt at continuing this dance

storm forms
inflation captures, fiat enraptures
no patience left in depth,destroying the nexus of stress, bliss
how much can I, stress/this
brows are beaten, tear gas creeps through crowds/disperses the defeated
Escape to a search of beyond
beyond lies, cries, miserable subsistence colored ugly by lights neon
fright for eons

spite against dark, and all colors from there to white getting beyond
the last Act of this play,
where subtle apprehension dies

I never seem to coax my own courage from its slumber in caves
hiding under a box of lumber, 6 feet beneath the grave

Although so clearly I envision the mission
Envisage a reverence for nature, for our mother, for the atmosphere
Its so easy to escape it, I once saw a beaten pathway which curved up a mountain,
where I would build my encampment, sheltered from extremity
hiding from sweltering hegemony

There I would build a fire, and chop down a hundred trees,
erect palisade walls for protection, and fall back to ancestral speed
A human can survive in harsh wilderness owning little more than nothing
while here, having it all is never enough to thrive

When will I barricade myself out of a population of lost souls,
to discover my own?

How long must I be led astray from a path where the docent dwell
from a location of secret sanity, hidden in plain view

I always feel I am twelve steps behind progress,
twelve steps behind an infernal machine, tearing
limb from limb on a march for segregated happiness,
and false hope, while
only twelve miles away, sanctuary stagnates, awaiting my return

Why does fighting daily for survival appear such a liberty-stricken dream
while enough amenities to please royalty exist now,
to satiate the most greed-driven fiend

My laughter

I couldn’t help but laugh,
as your plans explode into plumes of powder
a smokey exterior, perfectly excentuating your knack for failure,
no one pulls it with such flair and pizazz
You couldn’t help yourself, couldn’t hold back,
you had to bask, you had to taunt,
your apparent conflagrations, you had to flaunt
I allow you to reel in your apparent victory,
because underneath your skin it is, anything but
I can hear your cries for help,
I can hear your cries for comfort
While I travel the road paved with glory,
my accomplishments hanging, in all its salience
I, again, laugh at your foolishness,
wasting your own life in a frolic of futility


Most don’t pay attention to the path i walk along,
and thats what i prefer
most lack the mental capacity to conjure my deposed motives,
my forlorn, savage persistence
living in a flame-out,  truly ravaged existence
Most can’t view the arson in my eyes,
The arson in my hands,
The fire in my heart
I wear labels to help them understand,
because i know the enemy they fear
I take pride, in chiding the “consensus” of your herd
both, because it is childish, silly, and totally illogical
and also,
because its sad
Its depressing when the most powerful reptiles that walk the planet,
spit into the faces of the weak
spit on the countries of the chosen,
and reign fire for a hundred years
Permanent bases of operandi,
no-bid, total contractual failure
Here are the gifts of my people
Here is what your country has become: a fuckin joke
destroying countries that have nothing to do with stated objectives,
sand and bodies remain in a cloud of fuckin smoke
The white phosphor melts the skin of children,
melts their kin into the past
this is not what the forefathers intended to build,
The document that holds us together is in tatters,
like textiles draped across homeless veterans, treatment refused
What glaring abuse,
such farcical diatribes, hiding in an american flag-hoodie
blindfolded like the lady of liberty
blowing smoke into the faces of the many,
sewing your lips shut,
a political ball gagged hypothesis
keeping the weak in dark, dank dungeons,
clubbing survivors with bludgeons
the thief leader, a truly bastardly curmudgeon
flag lapelles mean absolutely DICK
the proof is in the power, not ascribed, stolen
wishing that we all will not be destroyed

Institutionalized Descrimination

I can see their eyes, wide open to the blinding audacity,
of hope,
I can see their hands, cracked, brittle, bleeding from the
toils in fields of soil,
I can see their faces, stained with the soil that litters the floor, sweat drowning their brows,
dark death prowls at the end of the plow
I can see the compunction, radiating from the slouched posture of these creatures, stenches floating to noses,
the flurry of pain has just begun
I laugh at the epitaph,
wasted words on a wasted existence,
lighting fires where lakes used to lie
ripping fingernails from the hands of slaves
an unjust farmer, sowing seeds of sour disposition
Now they are laying in the parched field,
bodies stiffer than starch, to death they yield,
no longer succombing to your hapless zeal