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Forgotten Ghosts of Passion

have fallen victim to ghosts of passion,
almost forgotten

I, looked into her eyes,
like others that pass through my football field of vision,
her pain was visible, her delight visible

I didn’t take that chance,
and who would?
knowing the distance existing,
no sense in cease and desisting
or my insistence on making it differ,
from its blueprint, what am I missing

I will seek out her face,
just for a fleeting chance to remember
how passion could have flourished,
how happiness could have been manipulated
how peace could be obtained
reaping the beauty her features contain


When she finally decides to throw me against a putrid gutter
I will have reaped what has been coming for years
Never did I feel that it belonged, two different puzzle pieces,
one, with razor sharp edges, which intersected and interjected the other, round and dull

My point of view barely extends beyond this second,
infinitely immersed in the only present visible
and all I can see is myself
cowering in a dark corner, where light cannot shower its contempt

I dive into a pool of my own thoughts, as always
remembering this was meant to be
I never deserved half an hour, much less a year
and now my faith dangles from the edge
and now my hatred spills across the floor into its own pool
forming my being

Soon, possibly sooner, I will finally reach that point,
where I always belonged, how it was always supposed to happen
sitting, again, alone, raped by my own self-composed silence
saturation in tacit lonliness
vapid voids which escape this
screaming defiance of truth

How much longer will this decrepit charade remain,
ignoring her heart and soul,
trying to exterminate my own in the process
leaving us both shattered

then, will I know true pain

As Love Dies

No where,
can I find so much comfort, as in the fantasy of love
No tyrannical force can crush that which burrows itself underneath outer consciousness
Yet, one who claims your affection,
can, in one moment, enact dejection
Falling for her lies, so blind like I suffer from cataracts
Air flows past my face, as I drown in its’ sorrow
An heir to flame, that shall burn all I have borrowed

I wonder whether I have forsaken my own fate,
And if her attitude will carry over into tommorow
Not fearful of losing her, cuz she’s already gone
like the light in which she used to be viewed
putting up with her bullshit as nothing but a petty pawn

Just wait till I ride along another road
You can go try and make a prince of a toad
Almost begging my hate as you goad

Our relationship flickering into ten thousand glittery sparkles
A testament to what we had, the property of puzzle pieces
Never fitting together as they once did


Beneath warm blankets, I bide time
Hibernating from environmental elements,
Rain drops smacking against the window

A gentle, gyrating idea turns, tumbles inside my gray-matter
Each, minute neuron exploding with a genetic fable 
which lay dormant

The security of now becomes an unbridled mistake
when viewed under the light of a foreign lampshade
tassles made from precious silk in Persia, diffusing
each sacred strand of sound, gleaming electrons left in its wake

The norm becomes so abnormal and twisted beyond what ever was thought capable, plurality in love, becomes plausible
Duality makes sense, in that the interchangeable piece, that must be modified for my theorem to remain true, requires an injection of new blood, new bone, with the soul intact

Seeking a prescence of prescience that has confounded public administration for decades, an only option left to a sailor of desperation
Wading through waters of acerbation
Wearing an armor composed of the most stubborn substance
Waiting for her majesty to march, 
                                                                       Along my path

Two Wishes and Experience

Tearing my fingernails into the strip of gravel,
fibers striving to fill the current vacancy
jam the transmission into 3rd gear, just to let you hear it roar,
as she glides along the sidewalk,
with her dog, independent and proud
I must have caught her eye
Why else would you meet mine, and hold it,
like a downfeather quilt in the barest, naked winter
I smash into 4th, now the ponies gallop, and i am beside you,
watching your beautiful stride, as you view mine
still looking through to my eyes like there wasn’t an element in between
With such a cautious, thirsty gaze,
you are lucky that i passed you up,
because this is a desert,
i am dehydrated, and
your beautiful carbon form is a waterfall existing in a vacuum