Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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Correctorial & Visual Reposition for Beholden

The phantasm of starvation pervades parades of destitution’s profane victims 

jaws gaping at the audacity of broke, in skulls all along the truncated welfare lines

while their fists thrown heavenward, a thousand sticky compatriots wedged together

huddled in a broken mass awaiting repair

slaving, they dare not

resist their despair, their

chests tumid with a burning hatred, forming a decadant soiree with death

as flies dance around the mutton portraying a

debutante attitude toward allegorical flagellations, remaining

frozen carrion’s, disbanded at birth, stranded along the Earth

starving, one by one

while tyrants of empirical stature drop bombs, flaunting psalms

death shrapnel raining from the sky, cutting jaunt cheeks of what little remains 

enthralled with mental mortars, cheerleading deceased

ready to cheerlead themselves into defeat

but true hawks conceal their zeal in cathedrals of stone,

subterranean cultures of destruction

laying dormant until God gives the order

to destroy us all