Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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Total Indescriptive Sanity

On a hill, I stand vanguard, awaiting prairie fields to burn
Many times, the prairie dogs that roam, come full circle to live again,
whispering to me, their secrets
Fueling the flames is claimed 
against wills of enemies, turning hatred outward
away from where the systemic violence was birthed,
bloody and screaming
a crimson sky will send your mind below soil
where heavy elements are held
placing you precisely where the forlorn dwell
in their own realities
I sit atop hills, still
fullwell knowing where one road converges,
encroaching upon the skin of another
trying to snuff out dead enders, holding true fortitude
keeping within myself threads of guilt and restraint
chaining anger to floors of dirt
like tepid prisoners weak from mandatory starvation
a hunger for the absent tangibility truth relays
anyone can manufacture their face
rip off a destitute nasal structure just for spite
and remanufacture anew
but breath that comes from the new probiscis is tainted,
just like facades
sacreligious, murderous rage-composed particles spill into airways and airwaves
grinding to halts, verity searched for,
destroying words and wisdom of exalted saviors
sailors without sails for direction,
and skins for vice
No longer do tales float past without interception,
vast dirilection of duty
an industry left in shards
all for glory of what?
eradication of reaction from militarily and maliciously instituted trepidation
instinctual removal of convoluted adversarial analogues,
whether supplied by flags or sand
and its red all over
I sit alone in discomfort of solitude
while praying that “lies” are truth
and “truth” are lies