Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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The Taste of Rage

I awake, reality institutes deceptive assault
daring me to stoke the flames,
staring at me begging for coal
daring me to fuel the fire

Reality spit at my face,
haphazard, decrepit strategy
as I tried to ignore the putrid stench

The world awoke, raining frozen hydrogen from above
enclosing the sun in cumulonimbus gloves,
foolish trick masquerading as a dove

Duality lit totality ablaze
Forever gazing through absent haze
Pleasure hazing monastic graves

Spastic legs, I walk, misconstrued
plastic dregs talk, confused
harassing pegs, they overlooked bombs’ fuse

Today, silence resounding calms
no vibrations from violent pounding palms
tomorrow more journey for floundering prawn


War Haiku #649

build perimeters
chain off all the entrances
and prepare for death

War Haiku #4011

Shrapnel tears his skin
Crushing cutaneous shells
tears raining back home

War Haiku #255
Appendages break
Plasma splashes on pavement
freedom forsaken

War Haiku#945
Desert sands grip hands
and rip technology’s greed
right from underneath

Quintessential Abashment

Rollback your misinterpretations of the present
nothing left to support the non-profit orginazation of lies
they somehow succeeded, in glee, reducing spectrums
of political thought
divide, you will prevail
diatribes about the protection of life, while simultaneously
strangling adam apples while their children wail
the search for humanity has failed
pretend not, you saw blood on the horizon
you saw goldstein being despised and spit upon,
in streets of mania and depression
Posters plastered with a mujahadeen visage,
rusted relics being artificially reawakened,
synthetic riots exhalting the baseness of aimless aims,
bloody corpses lay dusted, now nameless names,
riding nuclear bombs on a war-fed aimless train
it is you who are the bane,
of which omnipotence blames,
and will burn eternal in agony,  for all slain
shame on you, blinders
readily accepted into your perdition
truth never capitulates,
lies never die, following
the bete noire of destruction,
your tyranny of nothingness
and they stand in awe of you

Misplaced Fidelity

There it is again,
like nostradamus, gazing into the seeing glass
grudgingly revealing its loudest secrets
sheep in pastures are blinded by the exhaust of punditry
You don’t have to call me special names,
or pay me a fee,
I can see what the future holds,
if only it was munificent, instead,
searing, fearing, and bold
Broken fingers and sliced ligaments would feel wonderful,
compared with the fate these carnivoires attempt to belie
It won’t work,
The short time i have witnessed,
Soaked my brain like ethanol into the flames
Igniting the source of our humanity,
adopting weapons and munitions,
reigning bane and demolition,
as your fingers scrape the rocks on the edge of the cliff,
allowing you to barely keep your sanity,
The weapons sear into flesh,
don’t fear that which stresses,
making you blush at your own, forlorn vanity
The skys will blaze,
your dirt cottage razed,
and this is only the first phase
Burn your fiat, it is as much worth as the stars,
able to purloin resources, no longer
never anything but a twinkle,
god laughing at the devil’s fertility