Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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Destitutions’ Distorted Priority

Looking through every minute thread that weaves itself through the fabric, I wonder
how much a Chinese worker was paid to slave over it,
For my 15 dollar shirt, what miserable pittance was begrudgingly shoved toward a starving peasant, who
just wants a chance at sustenance

How many tears, and silver droplets of perspiration plummeted to the floor, as Five Hundred sewing machines incessantly tap
striking fibers through the denim, like hunger pangs tearing at the inner walls of the stomach

How long will my epicurean satisfaction survive,
sheltered in the darkness of credit default swaps, and derivatives
Factories faltering from economic contraction,
A.K.A validating the thesis of Mises

Who will toil in dark Asiatic dungeons, and swelter in hot Indian Sunshowers,
burning electrical components for rupees on the penny
Inhaling torrential, anatomically ruinous vapor
When IBM no longer exists, and demand dies a useful death

How much more of this depraved existence will remain,
when the total calamitous collapse of fiat, greed-driven enslavement
leads to humanitarian emancipation?

“Wearing threads of gold, Despair to all those below”
“Fiber tearing into abused fingers, skin integrity cheapened, Societal Value WEAKENED”

Hate fills my porous soul, a testament to all,
Vanity’s bullet-riddled corpse