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Travel Battles

Along this path, battles travel
wrath rattles, let fall the gavel
chest falls, staff afraid of errant disaster
subterranean plaster covers feral masters
as terror passes, scowls and glares from pastures
my mind so impaired they cannot modify my stature 
now is time to codify my capture
before all my sins mollify rapture
appalled tribes angry as i stall for time
you call it hesitation i call it crime 
miserable commiseration follows,
delirious nation thinks this call rings hollow
but if all this is mine, fists weapons and the divine
my mouth will lead to spitting truth on primetime 
enact devastation for small minds
exact pleasure awaits like slime on vines
evolution declines to daikons shrine
i might sing songs as a result of spite, 
dissent cake i took a bite hand slighted in blighted squalor 
man eat man as we fight over dollars
worthless paper like golfcourses swallowing every acre
my prides forsaken, left in a gutter to perish
melt like butter, make buttars stutter is what i cherish
step on my toes ill give your nose more holes
mere trolls, sleeping giants better consume your nodoz
or stay in the shackles

A different form of acid reflux

Happiness dashed,
as these walls crumble
each flake of mortar fulfills function
slashing my carotid arteries
assaulting contentment

Formerly escaped..
..vaulted disorder
halted apprehensive infringement
desecrating perimeters
it smashed through and got the wound salted

The high swoon, hoping esteem dies soon
engaging my typhoon, a mind-storm
belied by a pride no longer in swine form
or is it? H1Nspun, viral mystics
surrounded in a theater of critics
fear hounds while jeers drown
tries to cheer
deaf to its sounds
stress pounds, cardiac absence
fleeting into safer corners
this party is wack, dashed hopes again in the labyrinth

Now it will not rest
flounder in lost threats
the Reserve where hidden costs are kept

Now driven by cold, the frost crept
word weapons, hostile tools accost in one breath
soon neurotransmitters blast hazards at the bureau of critters
thorough blizzard scorn
cannot heal blisters from the storm


Someone said I forgot how to communicate
as I sit ruminating past folly,
So much was within my grasp,
until a sullen iceberg struck my bow
forcing repudiation

Filthy masses of parasitical depravity
claw at walls and wail at countertops
rain and munitions fall from gravity
teasing what life remains, below
they bellow, smash to dust all fellows,
unlucky enough to reap their crops

Humanity becomes dandruff,
flaking off, splintering at every crevice,
forgetting its lessons, buried in an abyss of genetic material
masterful artisians, suffering lesions while they
glisten under the Sun God’s shine
choosing to shirk its mystical fervor
trading wisdom for pistols,
remaining knaves, slaves, dwelling in caves
failing to reach the kingdom,
bodies slain, I still can’t refrain, escape pain,
a gaped-brain
lacking omniprescence
freight trains,
stacking the next minority sect, into a new residence

Randomized Curtailment of Will and Fortitude

thinking of blonde doors
standing ajar and whispering furtively
perspiration glistens from the frame which encases it

I gave away my attention span to a passerby
lending them the wealth of my, interdimensional deficit disorder

My words cut into my skin like a butcher knife,
exacting its revenge on a slaughtered mammal
attempting to paint meaning onto my life

I watch the strife of beggars
forgotten, destitute in a gutter
daydreaming of a no-cover triple keggar
poverty’s song is a butterfly’s wings that flutter

She looks into my eyes, I stutter
she disembarks from atop her heightened stature,
riding on a stallion of worth, cursing my rapscallion birth
no chance, the words hide for fear of dejection
sharp exhales I can only mutter

Like a fork cutting through butter,
my arms extend outward to attain,
the keys to this game’s basement,

so that i may plunder its knowledge and wealth
her heart took me forever asunder
thunder booms in the distance
screaming at me to stay off the shelf

War Haiku #16

bodies line deserts
saturating sandy soil
war whats it good for?

War Haiku #4011

Shrapnel tears his skin
Crushing cutaneous shells
tears raining back home

War Haiku #255
Appendages break
Plasma splashes on pavement
freedom forsaken

War Haiku#945
Desert sands grip hands
and rip technology’s greed
right from underneath

Optic Nerve

Sales, Men
To them, Sales/men
Stale Scent
Debt-to-income ratio Dent
Sins Fail,
No Grin
Haggling Skill not Frail
Not Opulent
No convents salivating
Over what I spent
How Dishonest
No bow, Salute
Cheap handshake
Words are sour
Fist Promise
Non-verbal glower
Fascists Islamic
Breeding fear, intervention
Compassionately comic
Disease Tonics
Ignorant  prima donna’s
Laughing as dance floor skeeve’s vomit
she must have had like six drinks
in a two-hour span
no water in between
don’t know what is this trick thinks
Doing her best
impression of glamor
Drinking AMF’s
Vision fucked up,
No stairs in this club
Stumbling around still and stammer
No affairs, or rotating ex-subs,
though weakness for women with fair hair,
Stares  still into the face of Hammer
Displacing shadows
Adjusting its’ contrast
Watching disgraced executives get tax bomb-blasted
Nationalization as an only choice?
Deaf from an earsplitting scream of greed
Inflationary economic stress
Fed Reserve heating up the presses, I smell Heist
Deficits spiked, few banks blessed
bailouts, TARP, turned out a losing roll on the dice
Climbing out of an impossible chasm
All the fat cats want their slice

As Love Dies

No where,
can I find so much comfort, as in the fantasy of love
No tyrannical force can crush that which burrows itself underneath outer consciousness
Yet, one who claims your affection,
can, in one moment, enact dejection
Falling for her lies, so blind like I suffer from cataracts
Air flows past my face, as I drown in its’ sorrow
An heir to flame, that shall burn all I have borrowed

I wonder whether I have forsaken my own fate,
And if her attitude will carry over into tommorow
Not fearful of losing her, cuz she’s already gone
like the light in which she used to be viewed
putting up with her bullshit as nothing but a petty pawn

Just wait till I ride along another road
You can go try and make a prince of a toad
Almost begging my hate as you goad

Our relationship flickering into ten thousand glittery sparkles
A testament to what we had, the property of puzzle pieces
Never fitting together as they once did

Tadalafil, #2 selling med on illicit frontstore-pharma den website, and other useless fairy tales

Of a vast array of ways, to display affection,
an ample selection of genuine, passionate actions
which one may choose to overtake,  none soar
above such a gesture as ingesting phosphodiesterase inhibitors

Nothing says, “my passion for you has rocketed to a height of disillusioning proportion”
like sucking down solid-stick pills for your significant other, only 36 hours
of bio-availability left, just for that one chance, to allow the blood to flow,
to flaccid love tools, wilting across the nations, and beyond

A measure of such a gesture of affection, as to exert yourself almost to the point of
stimulation, only to decay from weakness, and disfavor, all the while
(If the patient actually read the insert)knowing that swallowing this pill of adamantine ecstasy ,
this bitter, blissful speck of incompliance, can make you rise even farther,

Taking these pills is akin to sessions of staring into the sun,
depending upon the length of exposure,one is risking blindness, of anatomy and ego
you also, by requiring external pharmaceutical and pharmacological initiation,
and making the mistake of sipping from grapefruits, risk an increase in side effects

The best adverse reaction available to prove how much you love someone,
is to endure a not-wished-for 4 Hour undercarriage tension event, risking the possibility of
losing penile vitality and virility forever

The fact that ingesting a stiff stick pill can render you useless forever causes laughter in my reality
Even though they disrupt the action of alpha blockers,
venturing to such lengths, seems too hefty a price, to show how much I care,
and it doesn’t seem alpha at all

Removing The Veil

No more punches pulled,
no hiding in foreign places
loading up mental mortars
terror reign on foreign races
pain in her covered face,
begging to save her
nothing but sympathy from the hebrew hooded raver
fairweather pundits feel wraith greed and anger
exceeding graphs, of flesh eating staph, MMM, freedom flavor
you neednt savor the moment, its not over till obesity
stands tall above the crowd, sings, and eats a piece of me
decently, just informing the one who floods fear storms,
they still reel in fear, speak out against the  jaded menace
pissed at me for prurient ventures, you can call me the xrated chemist
and dont let it fool you out of money and passion pleasures
theres plenty of cash here to make you shake it in fashion leather
harass endeavors, brash dash for cash to keep oakland breathin
no hope when your addicted to coke, and pokin heathens
i smoke, you reason and claim i commit treason
no fifth demons running the controls, no parole, your convicted for exposure indecent
explosive ingredients form the carbon storm ive born
your sad, dry scorn, dont compare with enemies that die torn
muscles ripped from bone density, your prone to crone intensity
the pundits still running you in circles, whipped up frenzy
and their standard of farcical gestures, amazed at the propensity
youd be safer if you fenced me but all trails run free 
your failed daughters that i only view as a fun breeze
sweeping paths and fast, running through slum trees
it doesnt stun me, the only thing that amazes is current fazes
a blind, mute, and ignorant populous with fervent gazes
eyes glazed while the sky greys, the superpower ardor
empowered part of the system, a not-so-coward martyr 

a lonely life

An angry snow plow bulldozed through the parking lot,
lumbering back and forth,
committing assault upon billions of tiny hydrogen-oxygen hybrid creations
I sometimes wonder if snow flakes are lonely,
plummeting to timely deaths, thousands of feet below their california king size precipitation bed
Sure, they fall alongside aquaintances,
but they cannot mate,
they dont have family, biological, or through marriage
and of course, snow flakes can wed, but
their identity is too dissimiliar to make it for the long haul
irreconcilable differences succombbed to every time 
Why is the world so much like the life of a snowflake
fickle, with chameleon sunglasses and a long, dark trenchcoat
they bump into each other, whether by accident or purpose
but forget who they are like,
becase its too vast for such small beings, to grasp,
their fickle future or the scourge of their past

Sour Objection

Such is my dilemma, searching for peace that prophets speak of,
My eyes deserve to be gouged,
it would grant me immunity from outward depravity
slave-labor thought manufacturers,
sweating and bleeding over the typewriters,
so hyped on releasing their truth,
so intent on convincing you.
that your vocal chords perform
“watch out for the terrorstorm, the boogey men hide in dark alleyways”
The blatant liars do not sway my formidable will
Strength resides in numbers
Persistance resides in heart beats
As the conquistadors march,
heavy hooves trumping crops and cradles
uniforms stiff and starched
killing all with will and ability
Subvert those too forlorn to be saved,
But it is you, not i, the slave
My body does not accept fear and frost,
the only one glowsticking in your propagandistic rave


Dont come at me with your pious courage
attempting to convince a lost soul
to save what little remains of my broken-ness
I can hear your dirty whispers, secrets of swollen solitude
Over inflated tires, attempting to steam roll me to armageddon
Are my hands not white like yours?
Or are you viewing something that im blinded from seeing
Is the polyester-cotton hybrid creature pulling itself over my eyes?
Or yours?
Does the book you’re holding tell you so?
No matter how loud your eyes yell at me,
its easily sidestepped
There is no law forcing me to accept your tepid gaze
And i refuse to embrace the bed of blades you lay upon
your violent throne of force
And you know where my ultimate weakness lies,
that god damned angelic, pristine, aura-inspiring chrome hair
It deceives me every time
your era is the past like six years ago,
when you told me to walk away,
Every day that you live in futility,
walking along a different sidewalk
is a day that my chest protrudes
and my semetic, protruding proboscis
remains in the clouds
Where i look down,
upon your frown,
And revel that your self-destruction mode was found

The Watcher

Walking with aim and purpose,
On a search as a true, hunter-gatherer
What i lack, i replenish when the time is right,
And the clock is striking 6
I had no plans but to collect what i needed, and return to my edifice
And then the grand stand, main event transpired
Walking with my chin high, without loud eyes
Still in the shrouds of myself
Arms protecting the bodily shell
I felt eyes on the back of my neck,
The breath of a stranger, malingering near,
A cornered animal will lash out undoubtedly
But with a face like yours, its simply not possible
I turned to meet these inquiring eyes, and for that one moment
I caught you
Not knowing whether it was in disgust, blush, or pure lust
You caught me
My eyes wandered past you,
Your eyes rivaled darts, piercing the air toward the board
toward my lore,
Walking away, toward the door
Whether it was passion or pall,
Something under my skin called to you,
and your eyes answered
I am a free agent on this terraform
Marching to no beat at all
If your heart pounds like mine,
you should have opined
And the next time i conquer the wilderness,
Maybe i can conquer you as well
Take you for a ride through my habitat
The girl that watches me


Why did she leave,
running from her self-induced karma cartwheel
feeling guilty from those she crossed paths,
or from those she just crossed
her thin lips illicit hate from the downtrodden
turning the circus folk downside up
fits of rage fit the bill of her enemy
deep scratches into the topsoil unearthed her weapon
sirens and sailors laughing in the distance
She is too irresolute for this abuse
but her shell was too frangible to survive
She sloughed it in the hopes of a darker future,
dwelling in a dark corner of the pub
beer thrust and sheer lust,
her only, lasting comfort remaining

mein kampf

I fear my plight sometimes
Pretending you have your hands on the controls
Pretending you aren’t spiraling into unknown corridors
My hands are parched and worn from the mortar
A self-professed facade-mason,
placing the next brick in front
Its easier to cower
from the sun
than to stand with your arms out,
and get burned
I fear that i think too much for my own good
I fear that i know too much for my own good
I also fear being wrong on both those counts,
but no one keeps score
The old saying is so true,
Ignorance is such bliss
 I wish i could build a wall big enough to shut out the outside world
All i ask for is a slot,
to slide through my last meal,
feeling angered by crass zeal
stoking a fire, that
could make brass reel 
out of options
an agenda wiped away by miserable consequence
dissent has me infected
a heroin soaked euphoria waiting to be injected
i dont care if this is fatal
feed me, from a knife, spoon or a ladle
and lay my useless body in a dirt-floor cradle


Brick smashes the occipital lobe into fragments,
fragments of refutation, hanging in limbo, stagnant
sick of pragmatic blunder, erratic wonder
emblematic of civility, devoid and thrashed asunder
Dramatic thunder, altruistic wishes and ultimatums
Turning my back on the thought of your revelations
Shirking my duties of picking up the pieces you drop all over
breadcrumb pathways of guilt and malice
My heart is the fulcrum, too much pressure
please remove it from my body,dark and useless as black holes
when you get wind that it didn’t stop beating
your foolishness will evade you no longer
you might be able to escape my whirlwind
withstanding my hurricane like novacain withstands pain
but your fealty is apparent, standing naked in the midst of a pertinacious riot of contrition
i shall bask in your humiliation

streetcorner wisdoms

I am deeply saddened by the news,
have you heard?
Our lives on a one-way path to oblivion
homeless veterans who fought for you and yours
doing olympic low-dives into filthy back alley dumpsters
but you said you support the troops,
why do you let them starve
why do you deny them aid and treatment
Why do you wish away trillions of dollars into sand
while your children starve
Too afraid to deny a tithe
too coldhearted to help a sickened man,
as the pain makes him writhe
can you hear the screams, the bloodshed
can you feel that vacous wind whipping your face
cant you see where this dirty path leads?
In less than a year we could all be living in squalor
your life and your work is not worth a hundred dollars
When you lay starving in the street, it will be i who retreats
It will be me standing on the corner with my megaphone,
it will be my own tyrannical tirade
Screaming at the pure naivity, stupidity and absolute ignorance of the commonwealth
It is too late now, the fate of all, left in the hands of fanatical imbociles
I wish you all were not so docile….

Mineral Pillows

There are days like this
Feeling sore like the Earth
Because all anyone does is walk over it
Most people don’t tread lightly,
they want to feel important
they wish to leave their mark on nature
and those that you hold dearest
Only a spine of lime and granite.
could withstand
this battle
the townspeople from villages hidden away
brandish swords of spirit and squalor
weapons of breath and reverance
Some take the elevator of excess,
i am still clawing at the ground floor, struggling
my finger nails breaking, scraping
the hole that you left in me stands ajar, gaping still
this sort of pain cannot be cured taking pills
choking on my words till my voice is shrill
watching me drown, grasping the steps
hugging the concrete like it was apparent
that it was my comfort

up high

It was, so beautiful
Driving along the same rubber-beaten path
But the sky was on fire again
It was an ultra high-resolution portrait of beauty,
what made these vermillion streaks tear across the fabric
of space
The atmosphere granted them temporary immunity,
for the good of all
It makes me want to sky dive
But i dont want to plummet towards the earth,
I want to be thrown upwards into the heavens,
where the sky burns,
where the high learn,
instead, lying where pride’s spurned


Its been said that a poet is not born, but created
Maybe some tragic event transpires, rendering the normality enjoyed, void,
And they say that you will discover some newfound beauty within yourself,
a civil acceptance of the terms, rules, and regulations
And being honest and brave enough to embrace it
But the one who purports this, at the same time claims
that this newfound beauty isn’t new found, and that there is nothing beautiful about it
You are really coaching and coaxing the darker side of your personal universe
and afraid to face a truth more stark
I contest this notion
Our DNA is immortal
The chemicals that keep you running, have breathed the oxygen of a thousand earths
Ten billion years in a mothers beautiful garden
a trillion emerald treetops dotting the sunscaped pasture
All you possess, is all you ever need
Conjure that within yourself which lay dormant and tired
It is time to destroy this self-imposed slumber,
this hypochondriacal hibernation
Step into the hydrogen light source, and allow it to drench you
The melatonin will react, and bring you back
I do not form words to excuse, abuse, or enthuse my past
No catastrophic event coaxed me into pretending to care
I am not devoid,
i am locked, cocked, loaded
Ammunition stocked, protecting that which has been eroded,
The authorities attempt to goad
Throwin me into “no violater’s exempt” mode
I explode, Reflux ready to de-ploy
dont bereave, if all my enemies attempt to repreive
Fuck your greed, ill let scrap metal wilt you like flower petals
this powers nettle,
dont cower, devil, face me
and i know ill poison you if you taste me
never relinquish
until my last breath, or every last assailant is de-stroyed

SHS- “Small Hand Syndrome”

Blast these infernal, miniscule tools
Body being smited, slighted, and betrayed by these small fingers
This terra dwarves any lifeform presently known
How can i shape this place with such small digits
Knowledge and conscience are not tangible goods
They flow telepathically, there is no drag or physical downforce hindering it
Rendering my hands useless to grasp that which cannot be
Wishing i were not betrayed by my physical self
An epic epoch in spacetime,
dead and more dying from race crime
socially fatal notions, this idea that one human differs from another
Can you not feel the gravity of the atmosphere,
the gravity of the situation
the depravity of capitulation
ensnared in a dank cellar, swamped and salacious
impaired and might as well remain nameless
Because no one idea can change reality
No one finger can build a city
No single person can modify this long-term lien against our humanity
Attempting to forge forward into the face of adversity
The only weapons posessed, two hands, and a grand mental capacity
Not shying from battle
Are you prepared to join me?

Fascist Lass

The one with the hateful rhetoric, trying to make an indent in my psyche
stands arm-in-arm with false conclusions, swimming in a disingenious sea of disillusion
An aura that glows about me can hinder vision
One can look me in the face, leaping at subjugation
attempting to sow discord and stress
while i look at the mess that makes up your life
and giggle in vain
planes and trains cannot travel you far enough away from your,
inflated ego-centric bubble
You cower behind walls composed of fear,
of the unknown, ghosts haunting your walk-in closet
stalking your every attempt at munificence
whispering sour nothings as payment for your worthless endeavours
Standing on broken glass, chewing on poison flowers
spewing despotic shadows of logic, they don’t even approach normality
You serve a dual-purpose in todays world,
simultaneously diluting your own perspective,
and inspiring violent reprehension into your dis-loyal subjects
What else did you honestly hope for your neglect to inspire?
While allowing your skin to burn in sins-fire
forcing an innocents grin, to expire, laurels tired

Chiefs and Griefs

Its coarsing through veins and vessels
Acceptance of this substance, a hard concept to wrestle
A hundred bludgeons reigning
Indentured servitude, happiness feigning
All for a troubled, ravaged existence
Thin wrist skin that slices and divides
diatribes that bely and thrive
on the blood and sweat of subdued, mired lives
End this madness, savegery is lethal
reigning above like a switchblade steeple
right hand wrings left in a fit of repurcussion
Concussion grenades split mistress and slave
a fist of rage destroying the knaves
This is not a home but an unrepentent conclave,
purloined, genocidal bomb rave
laying a murderous wake upon the former home of the BRAVES