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The Pain of Progress

Tired of normalcy, useless machinations
Machavellian virtues, clandestine labs where peasants sweat, and die
Deplorable diplomacy at home, failing to exist as tangibility,
allowing the homeless to stray,
fade like denim frays,
ignorance to their plight pays
The desicion was made before I ever arrived,
so i followed, hoping the end would meet an amicable territory, instead residing,
where the fungus grows, on death
The Result was an assault against my subcutaneous membranes, made it crawl with depravity,
i thought i had triumphed this victory, but it did not pass
I stood in a stupor, like a workless, lifeless croupier
my uniform was shed back when the war was fresh, and clean,
now my war continues, finally escaped the small hands that gripped,
but my mind refuses to forgive, and forget what happened,
such is the plight for power,
the pallor of cowards,
and the growing pains of progress