Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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My laughter

I couldn’t help but laugh,
as your plans explode into plumes of powder
a smokey exterior, perfectly excentuating your knack for failure,
no one pulls it with such flair and pizazz
You couldn’t help yourself, couldn’t hold back,
you had to bask, you had to taunt,
your apparent conflagrations, you had to flaunt
I allow you to reel in your apparent victory,
because underneath your skin it is, anything but
I can hear your cries for help,
I can hear your cries for comfort
While I travel the road paved with glory,
my accomplishments hanging, in all its salience
I, again, laugh at your foolishness,
wasting your own life in a frolic of futility

Proof They Aren’t Worth Talking About