Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

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Scourge of Depravity

All hail saints atop gates of platinum

houses of pallor, housing scores of cowards

insinuating detrimental defection

duty dereliction

sickness infecting those too fearful to glower

raining metal power to truth

long lost, our hours of youth

sitting insect-eyed, viewing the tower above

The strongest photons cannot penetrate granite corridors

where the horrid lore of shame, supported unrelenting

by tyrannic abhorrent whores

swiss-cheesing the constitution, found unkempt and

ill-prepared to face threats of cave dwellers

rave lunatics that subsist on slave propellers

visions of paradise, there’s not a grave they couldn’t sell her

now our republic, threatened, but not by mujaheddin

just a smoke screen for the real bandits

if you have a better example of zeal, hand it

walking on a one way course into an inescapable gambit

Correctorial & Visual Reposition for Beholden

The phantasm of starvation pervades parades of destitution’s profane victims 

jaws gaping at the audacity of broke, in skulls all along the truncated welfare lines

while their fists thrown heavenward, a thousand sticky compatriots wedged together

huddled in a broken mass awaiting repair

slaving, they dare not

resist their despair, their

chests tumid with a burning hatred, forming a decadant soiree with death

as flies dance around the mutton portraying a

debutante attitude toward allegorical flagellations, remaining

frozen carrion’s, disbanded at birth, stranded along the Earth

starving, one by one

while tyrants of empirical stature drop bombs, flaunting psalms

death shrapnel raining from the sky, cutting jaunt cheeks of what little remains 

enthralled with mental mortars, cheerleading deceased

ready to cheerlead themselves into defeat

but true hawks conceal their zeal in cathedrals of stone,

subterranean cultures of destruction

laying dormant until God gives the order

to destroy us all

The Day the Sun Burned Out

Naive frivolities collapse as foundations of breath crumble
In the finality, food was plentiful
no brooding was deferential,
no more belief in the existential,
gone was Maltemperament, courage
no longer fearful to appear forceful,
physical prowess was therefore eradicated,
trains on rails now travelled faster, before the power expired
Humans loved one another,
loved like brothers,
conduct between mammals in most civilized of terms
why cant they hear the calls, why cant they hear the crying
our destiny of death, now the spilled blood is drying
ten thousand years before, homosapien was finally domesticated,
the masses read, they were fed, and not
with fulminations of diety,
or unicorns, or pegasus or zeus
they drank the spirit of gravity,
laws of nature at last, conquered,
the guiding light, leading to latitudes of platitudes
stratified terraces of repoire, respect, integrity
no longer did they succomb to the empty, vapid, dry desires of earths past,
they refuse now, to peruse inner lining of  pockets, whether
you lie along inner circles, or outward bounds
the radius of esteem, encompassing the population
they allowed the arcane death to expire,
and injected faith back into reality and reality into faith
not the faith of fallen myths,
moreover, the competent belief in ones body,
and the majority of likeminded’s compassion and driving forces in agreement
ultimate peaceful capitulation
reaching far beyond terraforms, into
the outer universe
humanity at last, extending toward blackest heaven
striving to right all the wrongs they caused
until submitting to something bigger that left them in awe
perishing the day the sun burned out

Gods’ Toilet Water

What is a correct course of action for destitution to enact, while hunger stalks it
facing the difficult decisions of life
whether to starve
whether to steal
ready to cave from elitist zeal
hungry buried under porches, covered in dust
dilapidated state of existence, full anatomical fragrance saturation
mud cookies satiating starve, its’ persistence, flagrant NOT-AT-ALL subtle conflagrations
befuddled populations believing in skies
maintain air supremacy
king dick the heir to hegemony
a vagrants wages pirated
just without visible hooks
invisible crooks, they stand behind doors
miserable mistaking wolves for dragons
perched atop skyrise,
all under the sky, die
just a bunch of putrid animals hungry for scraps
plunder while praying to faith, recall the savior with haste
too many drowning in a lake of God’s toilet water

.0157734%- Dead End Agendas

they always vilified my thought trains,
and how i push back against thoughts of innocence slain
not claiming my heart is pure in the least,
but cogent enough to reject distraught bane
my numbers, undeniably present
as the fluid of free thought, reconstitution
pours over a vapid waste land society
some dead enders still clinging to impossibility
They say “never argue with a fool, people won’t know the difference”
and if your fascist fingernails could grasp the obvious
you wouldn’t be screaming at cracks in the wall
you wouldn’t be preening for Iraq to fall,
and you would heed the most mercifuls’ distracting call
a 9 trillion dollar chasm awaiting gravity’s undying ethical lust
to befall ignorance in one thunderous destructive thrust
whetting the thirst of those we can never trust
history need not be scribed when proof breathes in present
no longer shall we thieve from peasants
a liberal pontificating estimation of 0.0157734% of the worlds population wants status quo capitulation, the only pharmaceutical prescription is bitter capsules of endless conflict, and ultimate treason toward the republic
jury is no longer sequestered
attorneys no longer spitting useless conjecture
please heed calls from majoritys’ populist lecture

Are wrists hurting?!??

why…..     don’t your wrists hurt?

a canyon, deepening towards you

steep receipts, non-discreet beliefs

buried, surplus swiss-cheesed

cannot you feel crushing weight upon your metacarpals

gravity of debt stronger than it’s own physics

lines been crossed, vacuum’s unseen grip consuming all hope for Palestine’s been lost

too many starving to feed their houses, grass browning when the hydrogen burn sets down

cause of your semi-medicated esteem still unclear, underneath your skin is shackles

while survival starting to become too much for “advances species” to tackle

faith erupting providing the last bit of spackle

some lurking downstairs munitions stockin’ impecunious jackals

you can’t even see what hungry is after

or what’s after hunger, if not satiated dieing in river side’s withered and emaciate

devalued souls, attempting to fill their devalued holes

but consumption won’t save you

over-expanding what you don’t have is what will enslave you

carpals still sore but the chains aren’t on me yet

no f0reign dictatorsh1t has dive b0mb-3d me yet

just trying to stop more bloodshed and warfare-tsunami threats

still not feeling your hands,

wringing, disgust from perfunctory productions

the outright lies don’t strain the wrists

even though

belt is broken,

and “only playing with cards dealt’ is token

Frangible Societal Construction

Like the San Andreas Fault line,

dividing crusts across a million acres of acrid dust

society’s construction has been faulted,

the foundation splintered and savaged

becoming a burgeoning canyon, wealth wounds open for nats to attack,

mosquito’s to inject malaise into hosts bloodstream,

poison of power, poignant and sour

watching the rivers flow downward,

while the suits scream trend

bulls stratify markets in vain

wearing white collars, but stained

with blood

economy shedding alligator tears of dollars

dripping down the drain, irretrievable and distant

chief remaining flippant throughout this deathly course

galloping towards burned villages atop his deathly horse

listen for trumpets song, as bones and stones roll

civility trampled under such mass

basement boards breaking

beneath the 9 trillion pound ape in the corner