Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify


Preponderance of mammals

In Sea, and on land

Man searches

For love

His list of favorites beckons,

But keeps being overtaken,

By one

Accountant with the gemstone green eyes 

And a smile so sultry,

It plunges you into gravitational freefall

Man keeps coming back to you,

Seeing something in that soft smirk,

Seeing something in those piercing eyes

There is even, the possibility of flaw,

An unclear image of her upper mandible,

Potentially spoiling her perfect smile

And even that cannot deter 

His gaze 

Man searches the preponderance of mammals, 

And keeps finding your face

A warm hug 

every time,

The eyes pierce mine

Aural assaults have worn his landscape,

And broken his resolve

Inequitable treatment has destroyed his chastity,

And dissolved his control 

Sharp words have cut him, happiness leaking from his aorta

His logic is clouded by malice, his strength is all that remains

A strength made weak, by her lime soul-windows 

A hunger, roaring thunderous under his ribs

A craving he cannot forever contain,

Under these circumstances: 

A captain sails her ship toward an iceburg,

Inching ever closer to complete hull failure 

Too ignorant of her course,

To see the damage she is constructing

Sending a man three hours south,

For a chance at warmth,

and satiety 


Waves and Worship

There you go again,
trapsing along a cobblestone walkway of fierce hatred
always about-facing my pride and prose, to counter your suddle skullduggery
Another frozen shoulder,
Another inciteful stare
only inciteful insofar as instilling anger and rage outward
Why do i discard my time like war-monger propaganda
Sullenly disgusted by the audacity you both effectuate
I could be destined for anything
holding the world in my small palms
No fear of falling, because i can hear destiny calling
And when i pickup the receiver to answer,
It relieves me
It retrieves from me, what lay dormant for these past years
Homo Sapien did not cower in caves forever
This self-promotionatory abdication of civility
Highlights my total lack of senility
My mental acuity and fertility
It pains me to think of a life filled with blunder and boredom
Ignorance and Condescension
Such a vast relief it will be,
When i wash my hands of you
Live up to the honor of being called a Jew
Calling off all truces and treaties,
alone, To begin my life anew

Sore Losers

laying by the side of a river,
deafened by the rush
vicious patches of thorns, composed of
fake liars with devil horns
screaming audacious and flippant
begging for their sirens of farce to be heard
but the pure refuse
demur and recuse
and tread back to the cottage,
surrounded by vines and valleys
dispossession of time as a resource,
letting go of those fruitless desires,
empty baskets of pleasure
pure hatred fill them now 
Broken, blistered and wartorn
Forgetting memories of peace
a conflict too important to ignore
your folklore are lies, your freedom is folly,
sullen soldiers fighting a battle not theirs,
like women selling their bodies in bali,
you too, are dying inside out, in a gutter you’ll rot bare

Icelandic Slander

A veritable shout-out is needed,
a loud, proud, courageous middle finger,
raised directly into the air, due north-northeast
towards the land of ice
the cold winter island that breeds defamation and condescension
You claim to be helping your subjects
what a curious paradox
an oxymoron, from a fabio look-alike
Your discouraging, disparaging words
they don’t burn like you wish they would
i dont fade away and hide in a protective shield
i dont cower to a challenge either
that is why, despite your non-encouragement,
i achieved an A, and didn’t even start working till two weeks ago
i accomplished what you said was impossible
are your teaching skills great? implausible
I hope that you learn this one lesson:
Never underestimate a jewish anarchist
The force that precedes me 
it feeds me
it needs me
and your thirst for failure is greedy
better return to the pasture
and keep grazing
because flux’ comes with the fuckin hazing
leaving you indemnified and crying: “AMAZING!”

polluted savagery

voices of the slain fade like stains from their blood,
no legality to turn to
the car bomb ripped twelve people in half
twenty four pieces of torso, all for the glory of the black blood that you thirst for

the uncle’s eyebrows bore and scowl at the thought of independence
not like it was ever founded on such ideas
not like the sounds of phosphor and death haunt us here
the old country that the fervent revere
spit at the shrines of their holiest
and it isn’t bold enough

the fate of the innocent is far away from secondary
as the million flee
the reptilian sits as the perverted scandal in thief
it doesn’t feel your grief
your belief
or the illegality of it, all treasure bequeathed

The Garden of Heathens

a pair of cold eyes, screaming with credulity
demanding allegiance
claiming baron authorities
and wishing to be as beer-blitzed as sororities
abhor thee, will not readily relinquish the liberties
not philosophically or physically
chide writhing
political fate of impaired bait
lobby tithings/ensnared weight
blind pool capsizing
pointing towards mecca, they need destruction to keep iraq from rising
interact but surmising
franchising fallen comrades, the bomb shrapnel saddam had
islams clad, but not as strong as u.s fleets
hedges proved you dont want u.s greets
dont test thee, not even ceilings of solid granite
pride and prose falling causing squalid panic
the stolid damaged history future of-fists to me
implicit bitches and livid stitches                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  wont stop the fight till we live in riches

2007 Is deadliest year for U.S. in Iraq

2007 Is Deadliest Year for US in Iraq
by Lauren Frayer

“BAGHDAD – The U.S. military on Tuesday announced the deaths of five more soldiers, making 2007 the deadliest year for U.S. troops despite a recent downturn, according to an Associated Press count.
At least 852 American military personnel have died in Iraq so far this year – the highest annual toll since the war began in March 2003, according to AP figures.”

Is that really considered to be progress?? The new surge strategy ‘curbs violence’, but we haven’t had as many people killed throughout the WHOLE WAR since its inception? Call me a pessimist, but the highest number of americans murdered in a single year since the war began is atrocious and unacceptable. I thought this war was going to be a cakewalk. I thought iraqi oil was going to pay for this disastrous misadventure. I thought we would be out in 6 months. I thought sunni and shia alike would throw roses at our feet and dance in the street.

Here is what Howard Zinn said recently: ““The war on terrorism is a sham,” Zinn said at Morse Auditorium. “Terrorism is an idea that exists all over. You can’t make war on it. If terrorism is the killing of innocent people for some presumed important purpose, then making a war on people is terrorism. War is terrorism. The terrorism of our war in Iraq has killed far, far more people than were killed in the twin towers.”

Say what you will, but murder is murder no matter which way you spin it. Even if you disregard Zinns’ definition of terrorism, hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT Iraqi’s have died as a result of our campaign of “freedom”, what is that called, collateral damage? Millions of Iraqi’s have had to leave their homeland because its too dangerous, is that liberation? Saddam Hussein was a cut-throat criminal, but if we have killed more of his own people than he has, who is really the bigger killer, regardless of the purpose or rhetoric describing it.

If you really support the troops, fight to bring them home, fight to get them better body armor, fight to get them decent medical treatment once they arrive home. Fight the government to refrain from “stoploss” tactics and keeping the soldiers longer than their contracts provide for. Fight to get the government to change their description of ‘PTSD’ back to a medical condition, so that when soldiers return from lands of sand permanently fucked in the head because their friends were being blown to pieces, they can get help from the government instead of being labelled a head case with a personality disorder. Fight to get the military wages similar to blackwater contractors who make twice the money. Fight to get the soldiers decent ammunition so their guns don’t jam in the heat of combat. This is the gross creature of war hidden in the shadows. This is the epitome of hypocrisy. This is the dirty secret that no person of power wants you to realize. Sitting on your ass in front of the television eating hydrogenated oil-soaked slop, holding up a yellow ribbon and cheerleading an endless occupation is not helping the solidiers.

Face it:we won the war, the future of Iraq as a sovereign nation-state is no longer our business.