Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify


I wander CraigsList, the missed connections section, W4M
aware that no one is looking for me

Though tonight, I really felt like,
this was the exception to the rule of loneliness

It occurred two days ago at approximately 11:46 AM

I was sitting at a table with coworkers,
you strolled into the establishment at some point, I didn’t notice initially
But I caught your glimpse, and you did what all others do not,
your gaze unaverted

I was sitting, immersed in conversation,
until I saw your piercing eyes
and I realized that, for once, I felt confident before your eyes fell upon me
my hat the defining factor instilling pride and surety

As we shared a moment in history, I realized there was a TV above me,
and, perhaps, I had mistaken the acute angle of your vision

Whether or not I caught your eye, the result the same:
Me alone, staring into this screen,
screaming about potential missed connections, having squandered our opportunity to connect,
hail marying one last transmission into space
that will never be viewed

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