Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Elegant Neglect

Enjoying the transitory nature of calm
Knowing this halts in short order

I play ‘Are U awake’ by Natalie on repeat,
the sheer beauty spoken in velvety, soft tones,
massaging cochlear coves

Yet only a fool sees simple beauty in her voice,
or the calming, gloomy piano floating beneath her
its true beauty lies in language

The utter naked act she has performed, bearing her soul and
baring her thoughts,
an illicit act set in the context of a social mediated world
choked with false facades, visibly hiding themselves,
covert, manifest falsity

While digital avatars project their delusion,
Someone who left Natalie, had an entire track
dedicated to their existence

If he is real, it is absolute certitude he never heard

Precisely how she doesn’t hear me
Precisely illustrating my blurred outline

Pure folly that the one person who should know,
actively avoids engaging
which is smart
unadulterated truth would break her
shatter her weak exterior, reacting under unfathomable compression,
crumbling into atoms of star-dust
exposing her destroyed core

In some ways, it should be so
I should be ignored, my musings left here to rot

My pollution, illegally dumped into an electronic edifice,
forever neglected,
eternally avoidant,
supremely silent

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