Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Contextual Sublinguist

Baffled by her
lacking clarity

She sifts through mist
Lost, adrift
mind fools lip
her spine is a fool

Choosing to, hold up
Regrets’ weight
crushing Hate
blushing when I ache
face red, she has regressed
I am dust no trace, lost in flakes
not quite,
but there exists a Boston Taste

Hate, do I need to cheap press
Berating, coal baked with each step
relating your face with burning
sensations turn leaving her speechless

That is a cheap dress
malicious intention
window dressing is not still impressing
jaw tension, all raw condescension
pills won’t sweep away your flawed contravention

She truly fears mind canvas
unruly tears, cry when I vanish



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