Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify


The walls are so high
I know It
is insane
To think of scaling them

The kind of challenge
impossible to ignore
unable to avoid
its ornate glow

A creature of the Earth, though thoughtful
and considerate of the vast acreage
land plots, awaiting Blix,
I wish to drink from the trough

Therefore, preparation,
a component necessary
for success, in the ultimate escape

Ten years worth of gun powder,
Starting shot is fired, GO
It has, finally begun

My legs respond first, jerking into action
readying my stance
Preparing for freedom
Salivating for salvation

I hit the wall at full speed
Body weight multiplied by velocity,
You forgot about lift

I vault half the wall in a single leap,
the last ten years were simple
now it must happen

Pain, the silence of solitude may persist,
I may subsist sleeping in a car,
I may end up in a freeway divide,
thanking my stars

I may find delight in the most impoverished of circumstance
While the status quo is  mass starvation


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