Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Burning Gaze

I awaited a left turn,
as you rushed by
never expecting
your burning gaze

As my glance caught yours
I was floored,
never expecting
such gestures with,
instigation lacking

I calculated the acute angle
which you traveled
45 degrees: the location of
our vision locking
impossibly intertwined in an ether of incompatibility
hopelessly awash in the Universe’s sea

You hit the acceleration except
at the moment you devoured my composition

The real enigma in this story,
did not materialize from your eyes

it was your dark lips as they cracked
revealing a jaded smirk
concealing inner ways you work

I watched in the driver’s side mirror,
as your vehicle faded
satiated by what we shared,
a momentary, burning gaze


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