Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

The Universal Equalizer

Enough depredation has transpired, to kill loving spirit within
Bearing witness to a society of savage scoundrels
plaque-encased incisors, tearing at each others flesh,
at the earliest opportunity

A community of destitute, parasitical organisms,
so hungry for the wealth of thieves,
so thirsting for a wine of opulence

These creatures, lurk in light-bereft alleyways
stalking victims, talking putrid about their mission
walking stupidly, mindlessly driven

Humanity has ceased to exist as a coherent entity
trailing into a million directions,
failing scrupulous, it is alien insurrection
sipping blood from the table of dissection

Once the flesh is gone, bone is next
no tarp of mesh can conceal
the hatred in their breast

They stare into my own set of angry eyes,
shouting my forms of obscenity and defamatory  assault
They wish I, as I wish them, death upon an altar of sacrifice

An overcast conclusion has been agreed upon, in the genetics within me:
I claim no departure from their inhumanity
I declare no status above their bestial famine
As I stare beyond their blackened souls, I repair my weapons
I prepare as I threaten, to take them down with me

I have not achieved what those dreamers dreamed,
when they plotted a course for mankind to scheme
a luscious paradise paraded with green

I cannot overcome this morbid desire, to throw myself upon their gears of depravity
bestow upon them, consequence of greed
show them terror which lurks
in a puddle of blood freed
from their dishonest blowholes

Enough slaughter, theft, rape has transpired
to steep myself into the mire,
so deep I am no longer in reach
of the all-seeing eye atop the spire

I shall sacrifice myself, not for the good of man, but for the good of the universe
I  refuse to continue dancing upon a stage, built by liars
jilted words and silted fires
gilded herds, wilted desire

I shall donate my tepid carbon body into the void,
while taking as many savages, as my small hands will allow
I will wreak an avalanche of reciprocity,
and shoot acid into their veins

They have stolen energy for far too long,
They have molested writ-large, and sparred with bombs
They have contested the charge, of the siren song

For this, they will pay dearly, with their spirit, playing on stolen time
slaying a crowd of broken mimes,
betraying scolds of a powerless divine

When this transformation is complete,
I shall be the universal equalizer
content in the realization that, my only true contribution
to the spirit of humanity
Will be the ultimate self-sacrifice
A martyr with nothing left but death to barter
To those threading discord, a cheapened choir


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