Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

The Auditory Reflections of Love’s Expiration

The auditory reflections of love’s expiration,
a melodramatic squeal from a starving pauper
a painful explosive diatribe, by those
so saddened witnessing the dying die
they reflect me, as I reflect them

I have, in good faith, extended myself to another
A mate named Kate holding her arms around fate,
but as her shoulder turned away, negative thoughts smother
I have been removed from that shelf for far too long,
unable to recall the sensation of her breath, brushing against my neck

Unable to stall my sour attitude and, my glower ignoring platitudes of cowards
Unstable enough to recall the last time I stood from the tower,
holding my own fate in my hands

Now I hold neither, stagnant
amassing harassment as my ruminations stain my mind
enflame the sane, they
say, i cant blame for my pain
they, parade their names in this dry game
ripped from pride and shamed,
home left in fragments,
disattachment syndrome at its apex
disassembled in fluid of disdain and confusion
they, say, i cant regain the time,
or train the blind,
convey I can’t refrain from decline,

her eyes agree with every word,
my cries, her deaf ears gloss over the blur
my chest fears the cost of losing her,
a finality of forgotten lust,
the banality of forgotten trust,
a heart crushed by this misbegotten thrust,

singing sad songs of the perished,
battlefields of love, splattered with blood
lacing silence, where I am cherished

One response

  1. i like your chemical poetry

    August 19, 2010 at 11:47 am

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