Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Quickening: A Testament to Paranoia

Time no longer follows its dictates
Petroleum shoots into water
Fire in their eyes. Languid desire
Distinguished gentlemen, left bruised in the desert

All confused by this prescence, unnameable
The heart beats itself to a point of attrition,
bravery hath retreated
Take a bath and make you feel it
Seep into your pores and make you conceal it,

Within genomes
Genetic strands tainted, frenetic glands cannot escape it
Bodily fluid, flounders inside the sewage
Broken blowout preventer:spew it
Mother’s Oceans defiled for Corporate-sake? Abuse it
The reason for our creation and degradation? Confuse it

A Salt city punk with two-headed axe’s to grind
that means ill be at the grinding wheel double time
The voices bounce off the pavement, around downtown corners
Sadness won’t escape this troubled slime


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