Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Slip Away

As thick, viscous tar-black oil shoots from ocean floors
In the same way as the crust feels,
coupled with a broken blowout preventor,
I feel, something is slipping beyond my grasp

I walk this same path, along the same roads,
with the same tired face
in the same mired race
with flames extinguished before it eats the frame

And as I stroll this war-beaten walkway,
I ponder, who has accompanied on this journey

Who has witnessed my trials?
Who has remained, chained to my will, chaining my will
staying stagnant
in this weak, torrid existence

There is one that, through everything reality could throw
no matter how distraught arose,
you stayed at my side, never did your heart erode

Or has it?

That is the question I currently struggle with,
under my breath
For a time, you plundered my stress,
your thundering quest,
unhindered by blundering pests, except me

No more comedic can one action be,
than claiming to care most,
at the exact time, becoming so annoyed with their actions
it becomes the utmost hypocritical saturation, I laugh now

So comedic is it, not being able to read your favorite book to its conclusion,
or watching your vapid, morally-bereft cinema to the final, cliffhanging proposition
Have you wasted your time?

Again, this joke was always on you. Maybe the irony of it all is this:
You claim to love who you love
Your love claims to love you
Your love has become hate for the one you loved,
While your lover still, always loved you, AS YOU ARE

You could never extend that kind of invitation,
it would require you to jump outside of yourself,
and the socially constructed walls which have, forever trapped your mind
It would require you to swallow your indignance, along with your attitude
And we both know the impossibility of such an unknown gesture,
pure reciprocity


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