Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Always Fishing

To those that are always fishing:
When does your fishing line run out?
When will your desperate schemes tire your arms,
and you drop the pole, and live out days as others do

Why must we all provide worms for your hooks, and fish to eat your worms,
and knives to clean your fish,
and fire to heat your cooking pots

Why cannot you go through a single day, without being absorbed
in yourself
This is not enough, you must take it further
You must push on and persevere,
not misconceptions or angered inflection,
its failure of acceptance you fear

Tiring those who surround you
A thousand anthologies could never expound,
the ridicule met with each waking sound

Always on the shore, fishing in light and in dark,
Never giving aquatic creatures in the sea, rest, reprieve
It is their peace you thieve

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