Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Savior of All

When all things were created,
when unthinkably expansive universes of energy converged, exploding outward with devastating concussive force, it forgot to leave behind instructions
No one warned me to remain vigilant and on guard,
nor could I envisage montages of taunts, or faces so gaunt

Out of mist, was created a being so beautiful, truthful, youthful,
not even God can deny it
For this being is deserving of humanity’s worship,
a precious, bone and flesh gemstone, worth more than all the carbon in the galaxy
a carbon life form evolved beyond so many that remain,
stagnant and stuck in trenches

She doesn’t even ask for assistance, sane in her blissful stride
walking over all as she departs from my side,
though she knows the value of faith, and fails to divide like apartheide
when frozen water rains from the heavens, it imitates her skin,
snow white, gleaming and screaming for warmth

she pushes away black storms, her loss would cut worse than twelve thousand bull horns, ripping every organ internally in a blatant act of destruction, not to mention organs that keep beating

She forced me to slip and hold onto cliffs edge, I cannot let go
refuse to submit to any prides, rides, or fradulent diatribes
other favors once attempted to garner, now I laugh at how impossible it ever was,
to throw away what She has become:
Forever the owner
Forever a saint
Forever hers

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