Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Shining Strands

Girl with the shining strands,
brushing against my ego while comatose
saving my heart and dying hands
enslaving that spark and decrying my stance
holding me against you pining for parlance
this has been such a hard dance, until your hands wander
each second, deflecting a disjarred glance
time like sand slipping through hourglasses and powered fascists
turning me coward when i look beyond your eyelashes
my pride is captured, i want to take a ride on the adjacent sky
forsake lies and dissolve into your rapture
girl you could solve my stature, evolve the bastards
hugging walls like indignant plaster
the muscles in my ribs rip faster, pounding pounding
don’t know how long you’ll last,
girl with the shining strands
and eyes of blue glass
a pearl in a globe of swine, your every smile burns
concerned with only one emotion divine
you approached in stealth, but the grin gave you away,
I felt like a slave my hand why won’t you take
forever in my dreams, haunting me while I wear the screams
my patience worn thin from schemes,
girl with shining strands,
blind me once more,
take me through the threshhold and stroll  the corridor
I’ll forever extol your gloried lore 
just sore pleasure before my eyes re-open
Remembering all your words never spoken

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