Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify


Beneath warm blankets, I bide time
Hibernating from environmental elements,
Rain drops smacking against the window

A gentle, gyrating idea turns, tumbles inside my gray-matter
Each, minute neuron exploding with a genetic fable 
which lay dormant

The security of now becomes an unbridled mistake
when viewed under the light of a foreign lampshade
tassles made from precious silk in Persia, diffusing
each sacred strand of sound, gleaming electrons left in its wake

The norm becomes so abnormal and twisted beyond what ever was thought capable, plurality in love, becomes plausible
Duality makes sense, in that the interchangeable piece, that must be modified for my theorem to remain true, requires an injection of new blood, new bone, with the soul intact

Seeking a prescence of prescience that has confounded public administration for decades, an only option left to a sailor of desperation
Wading through waters of acerbation
Wearing an armor composed of the most stubborn substance
Waiting for her majesty to march, 
                                                                       Along my path

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