Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Dangerous Humanitarian Assumptions

Let us never make such a grave mistake, as one of pure ignorance
and depending on foundations built of mendacity: Having a high degree of confidence in the belief that we are anything above beasts
Let us never forget our genetic roots, trillions of biochemical strands in a cosmic swirl of destiny intertwined within pure anarchy
each strand, stratifying all cerebal function, supporting such frail and futile institutions, to the gravest of insanity;
An almost relentless devotion to self-preservation, except when relinquishing our control into weapons of great fire and destruction
submitting to a notion that our races’ survival is consequently dependent upon further malicious institution of these massively heinous bludgeons
Feeding kool-aid to masses that our savior lies within our tools of ultimate demise
How absurd an idea with such forceful preponderance,
kilotons of fissile material brewing beneath a mile of granite stone
Undulating throughout several thousand centrifuges
Awaiting sirens for activation
Silent screams of a tacit nation

One response

  1. I love work, especially poetry, which a scientific slant. Because when you look at science, it tells us so much about the universe. Down to the spiritual aspects of everything. I say spiritual, but I hope you don’t automatically connect that with religion. Its like… you know how if you split a carbon atom, each of the halves tends to mimic one another, no matter the distance between them? And then when you remember that we are carbon based, and we can share atoms when we touch one another, and that atoms sometimes pop in and out of known existence….it really reminds us we’re all connected.

    I know that last bit wasnt what your poem was trying to communicate… you were telling us we’re not above nature ya know? That kind of Western philosophy we’re better than the beasts. No stupid, WE ARE THE BEASTS!

    Good stuff my man.

    January 29, 2009 at 10:54 am

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