Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

All I Would Give

In all, I have given away everything my own elongated strands of persona dissappearing into the void even if my attempts were in vain
All that I used to posess was left in a putrid gutter, where the drunkards gather to swoon and savor supposed gents that impugn with favor and lay in wait of a forbidden savior
Even with none left, I would give myself over and release any equity left within my grasp to be with her, to go back to the past
so much has transpired, but my feelings now, mired over the one i truly desire
the girl with the sunshine hair and irises the color of half-buried precious gemstones gleaming from its soil-composed foundation shining through you, forcing your blood to flush rapidfire neurons of love that rush her tongue could cut, and did so with ease her scorn could bring you down on your knees begging for repreive
but her lips were where real, fluid emotion was found thin and soft washing your sins off even while coaxing you to commit another she has a face that would inspire crime, if only to grasp her attention the pain of losing her, too distraught to mention all guilt and regret forming intramuscular tension
her smile could compel you to purloin whatever it was she mentioned or all that she did not she was one who effected her aura upon you a one-moment stroke that could modify your surroundings or burn them to the ground
her photon beams thrusted skyward from that hair of spun silk, with threads of gold intertwined just to prove what she is really worth
her gaze could raze a thousand fences
and make you want to follow her path
her goddess-like power can wreck your senses and make you question in whatever it is you have faith
her teeth still speak of inner-pain she has dealt
 proof positive also of what she has felt but,
God, what i wouldn’t again give to have her as the only notch on my belt

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