Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Scourge of Depravity

All hail saints atop gates of platinum

houses of pallor, housing scores of cowards

insinuating detrimental defection

duty dereliction

sickness infecting those too fearful to glower

raining metal power to truth

long lost, our hours of youth

sitting insect-eyed, viewing the tower above

The strongest photons cannot penetrate granite corridors

where the horrid lore of shame, supported unrelenting

by tyrannic abhorrent whores

swiss-cheesing the constitution, found unkempt and

ill-prepared to face threats of cave dwellers

rave lunatics that subsist on slave propellers

visions of paradise, there’s not a grave they couldn’t sell her

now our republic, threatened, but not by mujaheddin

just a smoke screen for the real bandits

if you have a better example of zeal, hand it

walking on a one way course into an inescapable gambit

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