Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify


Hank, arrived a cute minute lab colored yellow

his coat shining like the sun, with a temperment mellow

exciteable yes, as any pup should

galloping and flopping like a logger falls wood


kind of a klutz, but as cute as button

and one time at sunday dinner, i snuck him a peice of mutton

with such a cute face, i couldn’t resist

even when his face-licking would not desist


His jaw hung open, gaping in the air

as his tongue flopped over like clown dunk tanks at the fair

hanks body getting bigger, not as rowdy as calm

much too big to now hold in our palms


We once sat at dinner while he whined in a hamper

just wanting to be a part of the family, cute scamper

he jumped to the side, his huge paws present

and i bet he wouldve been efficient at fetching the pheasants


Hank, such a good dog, when we threw sticks you ran,

at the game of fetch you already were an old hand

I will miss your slobber and hair

a loyal k-9 like you now feels so rare


and if your looking down on us from above

know that we still look up at you with love


r.i.p Hank


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