Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

The Day the Sun Burned Out

Naive frivolities collapse as foundations of breath crumble
In the finality, food was plentiful
no brooding was deferential,
no more belief in the existential,
gone was Maltemperament, courage
no longer fearful to appear forceful,
physical prowess was therefore eradicated,
trains on rails now travelled faster, before the power expired
Humans loved one another,
loved like brothers,
conduct between mammals in most civilized of terms
why cant they hear the calls, why cant they hear the crying
our destiny of death, now the spilled blood is drying
ten thousand years before, homosapien was finally domesticated,
the masses read, they were fed, and not
with fulminations of diety,
or unicorns, or pegasus or zeus
they drank the spirit of gravity,
laws of nature at last, conquered,
the guiding light, leading to latitudes of platitudes
stratified terraces of repoire, respect, integrity
no longer did they succomb to the empty, vapid, dry desires of earths past,
they refuse now, to peruse inner lining of  pockets, whether
you lie along inner circles, or outward bounds
the radius of esteem, encompassing the population
they allowed the arcane death to expire,
and injected faith back into reality and reality into faith
not the faith of fallen myths,
moreover, the competent belief in ones body,
and the majority of likeminded’s compassion and driving forces in agreement
ultimate peaceful capitulation
reaching far beyond terraforms, into
the outer universe
humanity at last, extending toward blackest heaven
striving to right all the wrongs they caused
until submitting to something bigger that left them in awe
perishing the day the sun burned out

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