Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

.0157734%- Dead End Agendas

they always vilified my thought trains,
and how i push back against thoughts of innocence slain
not claiming my heart is pure in the least,
but cogent enough to reject distraught bane
my numbers, undeniably present
as the fluid of free thought, reconstitution
pours over a vapid waste land society
some dead enders still clinging to impossibility
They say “never argue with a fool, people won’t know the difference”
and if your fascist fingernails could grasp the obvious
you wouldn’t be screaming at cracks in the wall
you wouldn’t be preening for Iraq to fall,
and you would heed the most mercifuls’ distracting call
a 9 trillion dollar chasm awaiting gravity’s undying ethical lust
to befall ignorance in one thunderous destructive thrust
whetting the thirst of those we can never trust
history need not be scribed when proof breathes in present
no longer shall we thieve from peasants
a liberal pontificating estimation of 0.0157734% of the worlds population wants status quo capitulation, the only pharmaceutical prescription is bitter capsules of endless conflict, and ultimate treason toward the republic
jury is no longer sequestered
attorneys no longer spitting useless conjecture
please heed calls from majoritys’ populist lecture

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