Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Ultimate Failure of Civil Reconstitution

The war of words continues unending in its cyclical destitution

propagandizing paupers with nothing to offer

their voices drowning softly into pillows of days past

still struggling, swinging round houses and throwing jabs

bewstowing upon the masses, what they never had

following yellow ribbon magnet fads,

lackadaisical and lauded failure to fight for what they cheer

unable to face harsh conditions, nervous systems destroyed by fear

bombs deployed killing both the frontline insurgents

and citizen-victims of collateral damage, pulling up in peaceful arrears 

the third victim unknown while in battle,

reserving chances to rear its ugly head, to hurt its host

far in the future, when cells mutate unannounced, unintended, unwanted

and unneeded

how long will bloodthirsty reptiles assault beggars

throwing stones, their last and only form of defense

while we are torn from within,

countries flattened into sunlight

darker hours just around the pass

internal stuggles for a chance at life and liberty

collapsing upon the altar of a cheated death  



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