Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Sapien Savagery

Our stance above all in the food chain is laughable

What irreparable damage it will do to society

when farms can’t even be grown

barren desert submitting to night’s glow

top of the food chain starving for soil, hungry for something to combat malnutrition


forced blocs for destitution

radio waves inebriating their souls

minds weakened by exerted power

green trains that snap to duty, following one rail to one station

and the dogs still roam, cats claw with laughter

catching what the starving are after

rotting mice stowed in the attic

stripped bones in a closet, locked from its starting point

watch 96% percent primate brothers cheer for victory

overlords know they walk to their deaths

life causing too much stress coping with all free

what if nothing is what we all need

comforts of palaces

water shields and phone lines

commodities in hidden chalices

Every day proves we are more gatherers than hunters

but failing even that archaic description

still capitulating to times incessant march

stomachs hatred of hunger, its hatred of poison

rejecting the enemy spawned from

gods earth

born in a devils fire

too naive to fend off urges, thirst for knowledge not whetted by fruits from trees

or now fruits of labor

rampant buy schemes plague psyches

who sold us these ideals


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