Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Yellow Ribbons support our troops, and other bloodlust fairy tales

It takes mountains of courage to forgive murder
more to remain silent facing absolute mendacity, continuous, steady
prostitutes in cash suits throwing 6 bills at your face stealing
6500 taken before you even get your paycheck
only skins won from corpses
too much blood-lust to admit mistaken identities
though that was always known in
secret rooms, secret tombs
phosphor rain, no regret for her womb
still haven’t learned enlightened paths
money doesn’t reside there, where
love is hate’s sworn enemy, where
crystals shatter like bones of weakened
servants while power is plentiful,
but whores that glower demand spigots shut, against thrusts of destitutions last crutch, holding guns they rushed because its legal here, bow when posters parade regal fear,
medieval, cave dwelling, socially-devolved gears
dust, coughing, force fed at troughs, sacrificial offerings
Gods Lambs, nearly rendered incapable
my hands torn, resisting mandatory agitprop
splattered across screens as plasma  porn
hazard, bouts, distraught, politically burned like quiches
biting hands of masters for tugging at leashes
pipelines are its veins, black plasma  is treasure
but brown did not make the cut
slay the mutts,  ones who cower
singed fringes on eyebrows
as crowds scream “let them die now”
orgiastic hatred for gold-stine , bow
benign sows,
standing at a stone face, cry proud
invisible to my lines, no matter if they arrive loud
lies still cloud horizons
agitation fog of war
smog, gore
how much longer can we rob the poor?

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